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Current and Alumni Fellow Directory
Browse the current list below or select from the links to view current and former Local Government Management Fellows, by year. Once in the roster, select their name from the list to be taken to their profile.

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Mr. Godwin B. Chen

ICMA Fellow
Mrs. Emily A. Clouse, MPA

Kingman, KS
Mr. Michael Crawford, Jr.

Ms. Rebecca L. Eby, MPA

Innovation Manager
County of Cuyahoga
Cleveland, OH
Mr. Gabriel L. Engeland, MPA

City Manager
City of Sierra Madre
Sierra Madre, CA
Mr. Paul A. Fagin, MPA

Staff Analyst
City of Houston
Houston, TX
Ms. Ana L. Hernandez

Assistant Director
City of Brownsville
Brownsville, TX
Ms. Katie Johnston, MPA

Budget Officer - Office of Management & Budget
City of Tacoma
Tacoma, WA
Ms. Ellen Kamei, MPA

Ms. Amanda Kaufman, ICMA-CM

Deputy County Administrator
County of Bedford
Bedford, VA
Mr. Kevin A Klosterboer, MPA

Budget Manager
City of Round Rock
Round Rock, TX
Mr. Chris Lawson

Hamilton, OH
Mrs. Anna M. Meyerhoff-Cole, MPA

Central Services Manager
County of Sedgwick
Julesburg, CO
Mr. James MV Oliverie

Administrative Analyst
City of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
Michelle L. Smolen

Assistant City Manager
City of Paducah
Paducah, KY
Ms. Mary Kathryn Thomas, MPP

City of Hayward
Hayward, CA