Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Virginia

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission G 1975 Bonnie Riedesel
Central Virginia Planning District Commission G 1977
City of Alexandria 139,966 C 1922 Mr. James Parajon, FAICP
City of Bristol 17,835 C 1919 Randall Eads
City of Buena Vista 6,650 C 1952 Mr. Jason Tyree
City of Charlottesville 43,475 C 1913 Mr. Charles Boyles
City of Chesapeake 222,209 C 1963 Mr. Christopher Price, AICP
City of Colonial Heights 17,411 C 1960 Mr. Douglas Smith, MPA
City of Covington 5,961 C 1925 Ms. Krystal Onaitis, MPA
City of Danville 43,055 C 1950 Mr. Ken Larking
City of Emporia 5,927 C 1953 Mr. William Johnson, MBA
City of Fairfax 22,565 C 1956 Mr. Robert Stalzer
City of Falls Church 12,332 C 1950 Mr. Wyatt Shields
City of Franklin 8,582 C 1922 Randy Martin
City of Fredericksburg 24,286 C 1912 Mr. Timothy Baroody, MPA
City of Galax 7,042 C 1922 Mr. Matthew Settlemyer
City of Hampton 137,436 C 1952 Ms. Mary Bunting
City of Harrisonburg 48,914 C 1939 Mr. Alexander Banks
City of Hopewell 22,591 C 1924 Mr. John Altman
City of Lexington 7,042 C 1938 Mr. James Halasz
City of Lynchburg 75,568 C 1920 Wynter Benda
City of Manassas 37,821 C 1927 Mr. William Pate, ICMA-CM
City of Manassas Park 14,273 C 1982 Mr. Laszlo Palko
City of Martinsville 13,821 C 1949 Mr. Leon Towarnicki, PE
City of Newport News 180,719 C 1958 Ms. Cynthia Rohlf
City of Norfolk 242,803 C 1918 Mr. Douglas Smith
City of Norton 3,958 C 1938 Mr. Fred Ramey, MPA
City of Petersburg 32,420 C 1920 Mrs. Tangela Innis, CPPB, MBA
City of Poquoson 12,150 C 1952 Mr. James Wheeler
City of Portsmouth 95,535 C 1917 Ms. Angel Jones
City of Radford 16,408 C 1920 Mr. David Ridpath
City of Richmond 204,214 C 1948 Mr. Lincoln Saunders
City of Roanoke 97,032 C 1918 Mr. Bob Cowell, ICMA-CM, AICP
City of Salem 24,802 C 1922 Mr. James Taliaferro, MPA, PE
City of Staunton 23,746 C 1908 Ms. Leslie Beauregard, MPA
City of Suffolk 84,585 C 1919 Mr. Albert Moor, PE
City of Virginia Beach 437,994 C 1950 Mr. Patrick Duhaney
City of Waynesboro 21,006 C 1928 Mr. Michael Hamp
City of Williamsburg 14,068 C 1932 Andrew Trivette, AICP
City of Winchester 26,203 C 1915 Mr. Daniel Hoffman
County of Albemarle 98,970 C 1933 Mr. Jeffrey Richardson
County of Amelia 12,690 G 1982 Mr. A. Harvie
County of Amherst 32,353 G 2001 Mr. Dean Rodgers, JD, BA, LL.M.
County of Arlington 207,627 C 1932 Mr. Mark Schwartz
County of Buckingham 17,146 G 1984 Ms. Rebecca Carter
County of Campbell 54,842 G 1970 Mr. Francis Rogers, MPA
County of Charles City 7,256 G 1978 Ms. Michelle Johnson, BA
County of Chesterfield 316,236 G 1977 Joseph Casey, CPA, Ph.D.
County of Culpeper 46,689 C 1981 Mr. John Egertson
County of Fairfax 1,081,726 C 1952 Mr. Bryan Hill, MPA
County of Fauquier 65,203 G 1981 Mr. Paul McCulla
County of Fluvanna 25,691 G 1976 Mr. Eric Dahl
County of Franklin 56,159 G 1973 Mr. Christopher Whitlow
County of Frederick 78,305 G 1973 Larry Oliver
County of Gloucester 36,858 G 1970 Mr. George Bains , PE
County of Goochland 21,717 G 1973 Mr. Victor Carpenter
County of Greensville 12,243 G 1978
County of Halifax 36,241 G 1976 Ms. Stephanie Jackson
County of Hanover 99,863 G 1982 Mr. John Budesky
County of Henrico 306,935 C 1934 Mr. John Vithoulkas
County of Isle of Wight 35,270 G 1975 Mr. Randy Keaton
County of James City 67,009 G 1974 Mr. Scott Stevens
County of King William 15,935 G 1972 Mr. Percy Ashcraft
County of Loudoun 312,311 G 1969 Mr. Timothy Hemstreet
County of Mecklenburg 32,727 G 1976 Mr. Wayne Carter
County of Montgomery 94,392 G 1969 Craig Meadows
County of Northampton 12,389 C 2001 Mr. Charles Kolakowski
County of Page 24,042 G 1979 Ms. Amity Moler
County of Pittsylvania 63,506 G 1976 Mr. Otis Hawker
County of Powhatan 28,046 G 1973
County of Prince George 35,725 G 1970 Mr. Jeffrey Stoke, CEcD, ICMA-CM
County of Prince William 402,002 C 1996 Mrs. Rebecca Horner, AICP
County of Pulaski 34,872 C 2001 Mr. Jonathan Sweet, ICMA-CM
County of Roanoke 92,376 G 1975 Mr. Richard Caywood, PE
County of Rockingham 76,314 G 1970
County of Scott 23,177 G 1975 Ms. Freda Starnes, MBA
County of Southampton 18,570 C 2003 Mr. Brian Thrower, ICMA-CM
County of Spotsylvania 122,397 C 2001 Mr. Mark Taylor
County of Stafford 128,961 C 2009 Mr. Michael Morris
County of Warren 37,575 G 1975 Mr. Robert Childress
County of Washington 54,876 G 1969 Mr. Jason Berry
County of Westmoreland 17,454 G 1981 Mr. Norman Risavi
County of Wise 41,452 C 1977 Mr. Michael Hatfield
County of York 65,464 G 1971 Mr. Neil Morgan
Crater Planning District Commission G 1973
Hampton Roads Planning District Commission G 1984 Mr. Robert Crum
Northern Neck Planning District Commission G 1977 Mr. Jerry Davis
Northern Virginia Regional Commission G 1977 Mr. G. Gibb
Southside Planning District Commission G 1979
Town of Abingdon 8,191 C 1940 Dr. Mike Cochran, Ed.D
Town of Altavista 3,450 C 1936 Mr. J. Coggsdale
Town of Appalachia 1,754 C 1931 Mr. Fred Luntsford
Town of Appomattox 1,733 G 1986 Mr. Jeff Elder
Town of Ashland 7,225 C 1950 Mr. Joshua Farrar, ICMA-CM
Town of Bedford 6,222 C 1920 Mr. Barrett Warner, PHR, AICP
Town of Berryville 4,185 C 1962 Mr. Keith Dalton
Town of Big Stone Gap 5,614 C 1936 Ms. Judy Hall
Town of Blacksburg 42,620 C 1952 Mr. Marc Verniel
Town of Blackstone 3,621 C 1914 Mr. Philip Vannoorbeeck
Town of Bluefield 5,444 C 1930 Ms. Patricia Douthat
Town of Bowling Green 1,111 G 1994 Ms. Kathryn McVay
Town of Broadway 3,691 G 2001 Mr. Kyle O'Brien
Town of Brookneal 1,112 G 1986 Mr. Russell Thurston
Town of Cape Charles 1,009 C 1981 Mr. Brent Manuel
Town of Chase City 2,351 C 1981 Mr. Rickey Reese
Town of Chatham 1,269 C 1972 Richard Cocke
Town of Christiansburg 21,041 C 1956 Mr. Randall Wingfield, ICMA-CM
Town of Clarksville 1,139 C 1978 Jeff Jones
Town of Clifton Forge 3,884 C 1942 Ms. Mary McElwee
Town of Crewe 2,326 C 1926 Mr. Ralph Shelton
Town of Culpeper 16,379 C 1930 Mr. Christopher Hively, ICMA-CM, PE
Town of Dumfries 4,961 G 1991 Mr. Keith Rogers, MPA
Town of Farmville 8,216 C 1915 Dr. Christopher Davis
Town of Front Royal 14,440 C 1930 Ms. Kathleen Leidich, AICP
Town of Glasgow 1,133 C 1966 Mr. William Rolfe
Town of Grundy 1,021 C 1959 Mr. James Keen
Town of Herndon 23,292 C 1959 Mr. William Ashton
Town of Lebanon 3,424 C 1960 Mr. Kevin Blankenshiop, MA, PE
Town of Leesburg 42,616 C 1962 Mr. Kaj Dentler
Town of Luray 4,895 C 1937 Mr. Bryan Chrisman
Town of Marion 5,968 C 1951 Mr. W. Rush
Town of Middleburg 673 G 1981 Mr. Danny Davis, MPA
Town of Narrows 2,029 C 1948 Mr. James Kast
Town of Orange 4,721 C 1935 Mr. Greg Woods
Town of Pearisburg 2,786 C 1947 Mr. Timothy Meredith, MPA, MS
Town of Pulaski 9,086 C 1948 Ms. Darlene Burcham
Town of Purcellville 7,727 G 1983 Mr. David Mekarski, AICP
Town of Richlands 5,823 C 1952 Mr. John O'Daniel, MPA
Town of Rocky Mount 4,799 C 2001 Mr. Robert Wood, MPA
Town of Smithfield 8,089 C 1961 Mr. Michael Stallings, ICMA-CM
Town of South Boston 8,142 C 1946 Mr. Tom Raab
Town of South Hill 4,650 C 1936 Mr. Kim Callis
Town of Strasburg 6,398 C 1964 Mr. Wyatt Pearson
Town of Tappahannock 2,375 C 1938 Mr. Eric Pollitt, MPA
Town of Tazewell 4,627 C 1958 Mr. Daryl Day, ICMA-CM, MBA
Town of Victoria 1,725 C 1960 Ms. Diane Harding
Town of Vienna 15,687 C 1958 Mr. Mercury Payton
Town of Vinton 8,098 C 1936 Mr. Richard Peters
Town of Warrenton 9,611 C 1920 Ms. Brandie Schaeffer
Town of West Point 3,306 G 2004 Mr. John Edwards
Town of Wise 3,286 C 1963 Ms. Beverly Owens
Town of Woodstock 5,097 C 1960 Mr. Aaron Grisdale
Town of Wytheville 8,211 C 1927 Mr. Brian Freeman
Virginia Association of Counties 4,164,600 G 1996
West Piedmont Planning District Commission G 1974 Mr. David Hoback
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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