Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Vermont

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
City of Barre 9,052 C 1955 Mr. Steven MacKenzie, PE
City of Montpelier 7,855 C 1956 Mr. William Fraser, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Newport 4,589 C 1967 Ms. Laura Dolgin
City of South Burlington 17,904 C 1953 Ms. Jessie Baker
City of St. Albans 6,918 C 1958 Mr. Dominic Cloud
City of Winooski 7,267 C 1971 Elaine Wang
Town of Barre 7,924 C 1939 Mr. Carl Rogers
Town of Bennington 15,764 G 1970 Mr. Stuart Hurd
Town of Bethel 2,030 C 1947 Ms. Amy Danley-White
Town of Brandon 3,966 C 1959 Mr. William Dick
Town of Brattleboro 12,046 C 1942 Mr. Octavian Manale, MPA
Town of Bristol 3,894 C 1966
Town of Castleton 4,717 C 1939 Mr. Michael Jones
Town of Cavendish 1,367 C 1957 Mr. Richard Svec
Town of Chester 3,154 C 1945 Julie Hance
Town of Colchester 17,067 C 1966 Mr. Aaron Frank
Town of Dorset 2,031 C 1960 Mr. Robert Gaiotti
Town of Essex 19,587 C 1951 Ms. Marguerite Ladd, BA, MA
Town of Fair Haven 2,734 C 1983 Mr. Joseph Gunter, CEO
Town of Hardwick 3,010 C 1937 Mr. Jon Jewett
Town of Hartford 9,952 C 1940 Tracy Yarlott-Davis
Town of Hartland 3,393 C 1953 Dave Ormiston
Town of Killington 811 C 1979 Mrs. Lucrecia Wonsor
Town of Ludlow 1,963 C 1959 Scott Murphy
Town of Manchester 4,391 C 1941 Mr. John O'Keefe
Town of Middlebury 8,496 C 1937 Mrs. Kathleen Ramsay
Town of Milton 10,352 C 1983 Mr. Donald Turner
Town of Northfield 2,101 C 1941 Ms. Kimberly Pombar
Town of Pittsford 2,991 C 1996 Mr. John Haverstock
Town of Poultney 3,432 C 1951
Town of Randolph 4,778 C 1940 Mr. Trevor Lashua
Town of Richmond 4,081 G 1996 Mr. Geoffrey Urbanik
Town of Rockingham 5,282 C 1927 Mr. Scott Pickup
Town of Shelburne 7,144 C 1967 Mr. Lee Krohn, AICP
Town of Springfield 9,373 C 1920 Mr. Thomas Yennerell
Town of St. Johnsbury 7,603 C 1923 Chad Whitehead
Town of Troy 1,662 C 1935
Town of Waterbury 5,064 C 1970 Mr. William Shepeluk
Town of Weathersfield 2,825 C 1994 Mr. Frederick Presley, ICMA-CM
Town of West Rutland 2,326 C 1964 Ms. Mary Goulette
Town of Westminster 3,178 G 1982 Russell Hodgkins
Town of Williamstown 3,389 C 1964 Ms. Jacqueline Higgins
Town of Williston 8,698 C 1999 Mr. Erik Wells, MPA
Town of Wilmington 1,876 C 1967 Mr. Scott Tucker
Town of Windsor 3,553 C 1931 Mr. Thomas Marsh
Town of Woodstock 3,048 C 1964 Mr. Jerome Morgan
Village of Bellows Falls 3,148 C 1927 William Stearns
Village of Essex Junction 9,271 C 1955 Mrs. Lauren Morrisseau
Village of North Troy 620 C 1935 Ms. Sue Hansen
Village of Poultney 1,612 C 1951 Mr. Jonas Rosenthal
Village of Woodstock 900 C 1964 Mr. Byron Kelly
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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