Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Tennessee

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
City of Alcoa 8,449 C 1919 Mr. Mark Johnson, CPA
City of Algood 3,495 G 1998 Mr. Keith Morrison
City of Athens 13,458 C 1953 Mr. C. Seth Sumner
City of Belle Meade 2,912 C 1950 Ms. Beth Reardon
City of Berry Hill 537 C 1950 Mr. Joseph Baker
City of Brentwood 37,060 C 1974 Mr. Kirk Bednar
City of Bristol 26,702 C 1973 Mr. William Sorah
City of Cleveland 41,285 C 1994 Mr. Joe Fivas
City of Clifton 2,694 C 1944 Mr. Doug Kibbey
City of Clinton 9,841 G 1985 Mr. Roger Houck, BS
City of Collegedale 8,282 C 1974 Mrs. Michelle Toro
City of Collinwood 982 C 1947 Mr. Jeff Robertson
City of Columbia 34,681 C 1940 Mr. Anthony Massey
City of Cookeville 30,435 C 1961 Mr. Mike Davidson
City of Crossville 10,795 C 1974 Mr. Greg Wood
City of Dayton 7,191 C 1953 Mr. Kenneth Walker
City of Dickson 14,538 G 1998 Mr. Rydell Wesson
City of Elizabethton 14,176 C 1921 Mr. Daniel Estes, CMFO, Esq
City of Etowah 3,490 C 1994 Ms. Tina Tuggle
City of Fairview 7,720 C 1959 Mr. Scott Collins
City of Fayetteville 6,827 G 1998 Mr. Kevin Owens, MPA
City of Forest Hills 4,812 C 1957 Mrs. Aspen Collins, CMFO, MBA
City of Franklin 62,487 G 1998 Mr. Eric Stuckey
City of Gatlinburg 3,944 C 1945 Ms. Cindy Ogle
City of Germantown 38,844 G 1980 Mr. Jason Huisman, ICMA-CM
City of Goodlettsville 15,921 C 1959 Mr. Timothy (Tim) Ellis, CPRP, CPM
City of Jefferson City 8,047 C 1979 Mr. John Johnson
City of Johnson City 63,152 C 1939 Cathy Ball, MPA, PE
City of Kingsport 48,205 C 1917 Mr. Chris McCartt
City of Kingston 5,934 C 1972 Mr. David Bolling
City of La Follette 7,456 G 1976 Mr. James Jeffries
City of La Vergne 32,588 G 1998 Mr. Bruce Richardson, CMFO, CMC
City of Lakeland 12,430 C 2007 Mr. Michael Walker, CPA
City of Lenoir City 8,642 G 1976 Amber Scott, MA
City of Lewisburg 11,100 C 1961 Randall Dunn
City of Loudon 5,381 G 1972 Ty Ross
City of Manchester 10,102 G 1998 Mr. Ed Anderson
City of Maryville 27,465 C 1967 Mr. Gregory McClain
City of Maynardville 2,413 C 1958 Mr. Jack Rhyne
City of McMinnville 13,605 G 2002 Mr. Nolan Ming, MPA Candidate
City of Morristown 29,137 C 1961 Mr. Anthony Cox, ICMA-CM, MPA
City of Mount Juliet 23,671 C 1983 Mr. Kenneth Martin
City of Mount Pleasant 4,561 C 1957 Ms. Katherine Collier
City of Murfreesboro 108,755 C 1920 Mr. Craig Tindall
City of Norris 1,491 C 1972 Mr. Joe Deatherage
City of Oak Hill 4,529 C 1953 Mr. Austin Edmondson
City of Oak Ridge 29,330 C 1959 Dr. Mark Watson
City of Paris 10,156 C 1947 Ms. Kim Foster, CMFO
City of Pigeon Forge 5,875 C 1961 Mrs. Earlene Teaster
City of Red Bank 11,651 C 1955 Martin Granum, MPA
City of Rocky Top 1,781 G 1985 Mr. Michael Foster, CMFO
City of Savannah 6,982 C 1951 Mr. Garry Welch
City of Sevierville 14,807 C 1979 Mr. Russell Treadway, Ph.D.
City of Shelbyville 20,335 C 1947 Mr. Joshua Ray, ICMA-CM, MPA
City of Soddy-Daisy 12,714 C 1970 Ms. Janice Cagle
City of South Fulton 2,354 C 1964 Mr. Jeffery Gabbert, MBA
City of South Pittsburg 2,992 C 1993 Ms. Carolyn Case
City of Sparta 4,925 G 1986 Mr. Christopher Dorsey, MPA, CMFO
City of Springfield 16,440 C 1993 Ryan Martin, JD
City of St. Joseph 782 C 1958 Ms. Joan Nelson
City of Tullahoma 18,655 G 1981 Ms. Jennifer Moody, MPA
City of Tusculum 2,663 C 1962 Mr. John Lamb
City of Union City 10,895 C 1960 Ms. Kathy Dillon
City of Watauga 458 C 1961 Ms. Hattie Skeans
City of Waynesboro 2,449 C 1956 Mr. John Hickman
City of White House 10,255 C 2006 Mr. Gerald Herman, MPA
City of Whitwell 1,699 C 1956 Ms. Tina Seagroves
East Tennessee Development District G 1971 Mr. Terry Bobrowski
Southeast Tennessee Development District/Chattanooga Area Regional Council of Governments G 1985 Ms. Beth Jones
Town of Adams 633 C 1963 Mr. Ray Brown
Town of Beersheba Springs 477 C 1955
Town of Charleston 651 C 1956 Ms. Caroline Geren
Town of Collierville 43,965 G 1975 Mr. James Lewellen
Town of Farragut 20,676 G 1987 Mr. David Smoak, MPA
Town of Jonesborough 5,051 C 1990 Mr. Robert Browning
Town of Samburg 217 C 1961 Mrs. Carrie Hogg
Town of Signal Mountain 7,554 G 1986 Mr. Boyd Veal
Town of Smyrna 39,974 C 2001 Mr. Brian Hercules
Town of Spring City 1,981 C 1953 Ms. Stephania Motes, CMFO
Town of Tennessee Ridge 1,368 C 1960 Mr. Kenneth Dunavant
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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