Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Oregon

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
City of Albany 50,158 C 1949 Mr. Peter Troedsson
City of Ashland 20,078 C 1970 Mr. Gary Milliman, MPA
City of Astoria 9,477 C 1923 Mr. R. Estes
City of Baker City 9,828 C 1950 Mr. Jonathan Cannon, RLA
City of Bandon 3,066 G 1970 D. Chandler, JD, ICMA-CM
City of Banks 1,777 C 2012 Ms. Jolynn Becker
City of Beaverton 89,803 C 2020 Ms. Jennifer Haruyama
City of Bend 76,639 C 1929 Mr. Eric King
City of Boardman 3,220 G 1974 Ms. Karen Pettigrew
City of Brookings 6,336 C 1985 Mrs. Joyce Heffington
City of Brownsville 1,668 C 1983 Mr. Paul Smith
City of Canby 15,829 G 1973 Mr. Scott Archer
City of Cannon Beach 1,690 C 1985 Ms. Colleen Riggs
City of Cascade Locks 1,144 G 1970 Mr. Gordon Zimmerman, MBA
City of Central Point 17,169 C 1985 Mr. Christopher Clayton
City of Clatskanie 1,737 C 1985 Mr. Greg Hinkelman
City of Coos Bay 15,967 C 1945 Mr. Rodger Craddock
City of Coquille 3,866 C 1958 Mr. Forrest Neuerburg
City of Cornelius 11,869 C 1949 Mr. Rob Drake
City of Corvallis 54,462 C 1949 Mr. Mark Shepard, PE
City of Cottage Grove 9,686 C 1965 Mr. Richard Meyers
City of Dallas 14,583 C 1964 Mr. Brian Latta
City of Durham 1,351 C 1995 Ms. Linda Tate
City of Eagle Point 8,469 G 1970 Mr. Aaron Prunty
City of Estacada 2,695 C 1977 Ms. Denise Carey
City of Eugene 156,185 C 1945 Ms. Sarah Medary, ICMA-CM
City of Fairview 8,920 C 2002 Mr. Philip Morley, MPA
City of Florence 8,466 G 1970 Ms. Erin Reynolds
City of Forest Grove 21,083 C 1938 Michael VanderZanden
City of Gladstone 11,497 G 1970 Ms. Jacque Betz, ICMA-CM, MPPA
City of Gold Beach 2,253 C 1990 Jodi Fritts-Matthey
City of Grants Pass 34,533 C 1946 Mr. Aaron Cubic, ICMA-CM
City of Gresham 105,594 C 1963 Nina Vetter
City of Hermiston 16,745 C 1960 Mr. Byron Smith, ICMA-CM
City of Hillsboro 91,611 C 1924 Mr. Robert Hammond
City of Hood River 7,167 G 1970 Abigail Elder, MPA, MLIS
City of Independence 8,590 G 1977 Mr. Tom Pessemier, ICMA-CM, PE
City of Keizer 36,478 C 1983 Mr. Adam Brown, ICMA-CM
City of Klamath Falls 20,840 C 1958 Mr. Nathan Cherpeski, ICMA-CM
City of La Grande 13,082 C 1913 Mr. Robert Strope
City of Lake Oswego 36,619 C 1964 Ms. Martha Bennett, ICMA-CM, MPP
City of Lebanon 15,518 C 1976 Ms. Nancy Brewer, MPA
City of Lincoln City 7,930 G 1972 Ms. Daphnee Legarza, PE
City of Madras 6,046 C 1998 Mr. Gus Burril
City of McMinnville 32,187 G 1970 Mr. Jeffrey Towery, ICMA-CM
City of Medford 74,907 C 1954 Mr. Brian Sjothun, CEO
City of Milton-Freewater 7,050 C 1938 Ms. Linda Hall
City of Milwaukie 20,291 C 1945 Ms. Ann Ober
City of Molalla 8,108 C 2011 Mr. Dan Huff, AICP
City of Monmouth 9,534 G 1977 Ms. Martha Wine, MPA
City of Mount Angel 3,286 C 2015 Ms. Amber Mathiesen
City of Myrtle Creek 3,439 G 1989 Mr. Sean Negherbon
City of Myrtle Point 2,514 C 1970 Mr. Darin Nicholson
City of Newberg 22,068 G 1978 Barbara Davis
City of Newport 9,989 C 1962 Mr. Spencer Nebel, ICMA-CM, MPA
City of North Bend 9,695 C 1955 Mr. David Milliron, CEcD, ICMA-CM, CPM, MPA, CMFO
City of Nyssa 3,267 C 1945 Mr. Ray Rau
City of Oakridge 3,205 C 1976 Mr. Louis Gomez
City of Ontario 11,366 C 1966 Mrs. Rachel Hopper
City of Oregon City 31,859 C 1924 Mr. Anthony Konkol, ICMA-CM
City of Pendleton 16,612 C 1947 Mr. Robb Corbett, BA
City of Pilot Rock 1,502 C 1976 Mr. Steve Draper
City of Prineville 9,253 C 1969 Mr. Steven Forrester
City of Redmond 26,215 G 1971 Mr. Keith Witcosky
City of Reedsport 4,154 C 1971 Mr. Jonathan Wright
City of Roseburg 21,181 C 1947 Mr. Lance Colley
City of Salem 154,637 C 1947 Mr. Kacey Duncan
City of Sandy 9,570 C 1997 Jordan Wheeler, MPA
City of Scappoose 6,592 C 1993 Ms. Susan Pentecost
City of Seaside 6,457 C 1965 Mr. Spencer Kyle, ICMA-CM
City of Sheridan 6,127 G 1976 Mr. Francis Sheridan
City of Sherwood 18,194 C 1985 Mr. Keith Campbell, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Silverton 9,222 C 1941 Mr. Ronald Chandler
City of Sisters 2,038 C 2012 Mr. Cory Misley
City of Springfield 59,403 C 1947 Ms. Nancy Newton, MPA
City of Sutherlin 7,810 C 1952 Mr. Garold Gillham
City of Sweet Home 8,925 C 1943 Ms. Christy Wurster, MPA
City of the Dalles 13,620 C 1949 Ms. Julie Krueger, MMC
City of Tigard 48,035 C 1965 Mr. Stephen Rymer
City of Tillamook 4,935 C 1947 Mr. Nathan George, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Toledo 3,465 C 1956 Ms. Judy Richter
City of Troutdale 15,962 G 1976 Mrs. Debbie Stickney
City of Tualatin 26,054 C 1985 Ms. Sherilyn Lombos
City of Turner 1,854 C 1997 Mr. Scott McClure
City of Umatilla 6,906 G 1977 Mr. David Stockdale, MPA
City of Waldport 2,033 C 1995 Kerry Kemp
City of Warrenton 4,989 C 1925 Ms. Linda Engbretson
City of West Linn 25,109 C 1967 Jerry Gabrielatos, MPPA
City of Wilsonville 19,509 G 1984 Mr. Bryan Cosgrove
City of Winston 5,379 G 1970 Mr. Mark Bauer
City of Wood Village 3,878 C 2002 Mr. Greg Dirks, MPA
City of Woodburn 24,080 C 1969 Mr. Scott Derickson
County of Clackamas 375,992 G 1987 Mr. Gary Schmidt
County of Clatsop 37,039 C 1990 Mr. Don Bohn, MPA
County of Hood River 22,346 G 1970 Mr. Jeffrey Hecksel
County of Jackson 203,206 G 1981 Mr. Danny Jordan, MBA
County of Lane 351,715 G 1970 Mr. Stephen Mokrohisky
County of Washington 529,710 C 1984 Ms. Tanya Ange
Lane Council of Governments G 1971 Ms. Brenda Wilson
League of Oregon Cities G 1993 Ms. Jane Cummins
Metro (Oregon) G 1970
Mid-Columbia Economic Development District G 1971 Ms. Amanda Hoey
Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments G 1971 Ms. Nancy Boyer
Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments G 1979 Mr. Fred Abousleman, MPA
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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