Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Ohio

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
Anderson Township 43,446 G 1997 Ms. Vicky Earhart, BA
City of Beavercreek 45,193 G 1983 Mr. Pete Landrum, MPA
City of Bedford 13,074 C 1932 Mr. Michael Mallis
City of Bellbrook 6,943 C 1977 Ms. Melissa Dodd, MPA
City of Blue Ash 12,114 C 1961 Mr. David Waltz
City of Brunswick 34,255 C 1976 Mr. Carl DeForest
City of Canfield 7,515 C 1970 Mr. Wade Calhoun, MPA
City of Celina 10,400 G 2001 Mr. Thomas Hitchcock, PE
City of Centerville 23,999 C 1968 Mr. Wayne Davis
City of Chardon 5,148 C 1979 Mr. Randal Sharpe
City of Cincinnati 296,943 C 1926 Mr. John Curp
City of Clayton 13,209 C 2001 Ms. Amanda Zimmerlin
City of Cleveland Heights 46,121 C 1922 Ms. Susanna O'Neil
City of Clyde 6,325 C 1958 Mr. Paul Fiser
City of Columbiana 6,384 C 1973 Mr. Lance Willard
City of Dayton 141,527 C 1914 Ms. Shelley Dickstein
City of Defiance 16,494 G 1980 Mr. Jeff Leonard
City of Delaware 34,753 C 1954 Mr. R. Thomas Homan, ICMA-CM
City of Dublin 41,751 C 1987 Mr. Dana McDaniel
City of Eaton 8,407 C 1962 Mr. Bradley Collins
City of Englewood 13,465 C 1971 Mr. Eric Smith
City of Fairborn 32,352 C 1949 Mr. Robert Anderson
City of Fairfield 42,510 C 1981 Mr. Scott Timmer, MBA
City of Forest Park 18,720 C 1969 Mr. Andrew Levandusky, BS, MBA
City of Franklin 11,771 C 1958 Mr. Sonny Lewis
City of Galion 10,512 C 1997 Mr. John Swain
City of Gallipolis 3,641 C 1918 Mr. Eugene Greene
City of Geneva 6,215 C 1958 Joseph Varckette
City of Germantown 5,547 G 1975 Mrs. Judith Gilleland, ICMA-CM
City of Groveport 5,363 G 2004 Mr. Benjamin King, MPA
City of Hamilton 62,477 C 1928 Mr. Joshua Smith, ICMA-CM
City of Huber Heights 38,101 G 1987 Rob Schommer
City of Hudson 22,262 C 1958 Mr. Frank Comeriato
City of Huron 7,149 C 1961 Terri Welkener
City of Kent 28,904 C 1976 Mr. David Ruller
City of Kettering 56,163 C 1954 Mr. Mark Schwieterman
City of Lebanon 20,033 C 1961 Mr. Scott Brunka
City of Louisville 9,186 C 1962 Mr. Larry Collins
City of Loveland 12,081 C 1961 David Kennedy
City of Madeira 8,726 C 1959 Mr. Thomas Moeller, MPA
City of Mason 30,712 C 1970 Mr. Eric Hansen
City of Mentor 47,159 C 1962 Mr. Kenneth Filipiak
City of Miamisburg 20,181 C 1968 Mr. Keith Johnson
City of Middletown 48,694 C 1950 Mr. James Palenick, ICMA-CM
City of Milford 6,709 C 1973 Mr. Michael Doss, ICMA-CM, MPA
City of Monroe 12,442 G 1982 Mr. William Brock, ICMA-CM, PE, MBA
City of Montgomery 10,251 C 1986 Mr. Brian Riblet
City of Moraine 6,307 C 1968 Mr. Michael Davis
City of Napoleon 8,749 C 1957 Mr. Joel Mazur
City of New Albany 7,724 C 1995 Mr. Joseph Stefanov
City of New Carlisle 5,785 C 1972 Mr. Randy Bridge, MPA
City of Newton Falls 4,795 C 1968 Ms. Kathleen King
City of Northwood 5,265 G 1982 Mr. Robert Anderson
City of Oakwood 9,202 C 1932 Mr. Norbert Klopsch, PE
City of Oberlin 8,286 C 1926 Mr. Robert Hillard
City of Oregon 20,291 G 1995 Ms. Tina Evans
City of Oxford 21,371 C 1962 Mr. Douglas Elliott
City of Painesville 19,563 C 1920 Mr. Douglas Lewis
City of Perrysburg 20,623 G 1995 Ms. Bridgette Kabat
City of Piqua 20,522 C 1930 Mr. Paul Oberdorfer
City of Portsmouth 20,226 C 1930 Mr. M Trent Williams
City of Powell 11,500 C 1990 Mr. Andrew White, ICMA-CM
City of Rittman 6,491 C 1960 Ms. Barbara Brooks
City of Riverside 25,201 C 1998 Mr. Joshua Rauch, MPA
City of Sandusky 25,793 C 1916 Mr. Eric Wobser
City of Sidney 21,229 C 1956 Mr. Andrew Bowsher, MBA
City of Springboro 17,409 G 1981 Mr. Christopher Pozzuto
City of Springdale 11,223 G 1981 Brian Uhl, MPA
City of Springfield 60,608 C 1914 Mr. Bryan Heck, MPA
City of Steubenville 18,659 C 1985 Mr. James Mavromatis
City of Tipp City 9,689 C 1968 Mr. Timothy Eggleston, ICMA-CM, MPA
City of Trenton 11,869 C 1972 Marcos Nichols, MPA
City of Trotwood 24,431 C 1964 Mr. Quincy Pope
City of Troy 25,058 G 1971 Mr. Patrick Titterington, MBA, ICMA-CM
City of Union 6,419 C 1983 Mr. John Applegate
City of Upper Arlington 33,771 C 1956 Steven Schoeny
City of Urbana 11,793 G 1980 Mr. Kerry Brugger
City of Vandalia 15,246 C 1959 Mr. Dan Wendt, MPA
City of Washington Court House 14,192 C 1936 Mr. Joseph Denen
City of Waterville 5,523 C 1968 Mr. Dale Knepper
City of West Carrollton 13,143 C 1967 Mr. Bradley Townsend
City of Westerville 36,120 C 1916 Mrs. Monica Irelan- Dupee, MPA
City of Willard 6,236 C 1959 Shawn Tappel
City of Worthington 13,575 C 1956 Mr. Matthew Greeson
City of Wyoming 8,428 C 1949 Mr. Rusty Herzog
City of Xenia 25,719 C 1918 Mr. Brent Merriman, MPA
Colerain Township 58,499 G 1991 Mr. Geoffrey Milz, AICP, LEED AP
County of Butler 368,130 G 1985 Mrs. Judith Boyko, MPA
County of Cuyahoga 1,280,122 G 1998 Ms. Jeanne Schmotzer, MA, CMC
County of Erie 77,079 G 1993 Mr. Peter Daniel
County of Franklin 1,163,414 G 1998 Mr. Kenneth Wilson, MPA
County of Hamilton 802,374 G 1992 Mr. Jeff Aluotto
County of Mahoning 238,823 G 1994 Mr. J. Sellards
County of Montgomery 535,153 G 1977 Mr. Michael Colbert
Miami Valley Communications Council G 2005 Mr. Timothy Gernert
Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission G 1980 Ms. Stacy Schweikhart
Ohio Mid-Eastern Goverments Association G 1976
Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments G 1977 Mr. Mark Policinski
Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments G 1972 Mr. Timothy Brown
Township of Delhi 29,510 G 1980 Mr. Jack Cameron, MBA
Township of Fairfield 21,373 G 1982 Julie Vonderhaar, MBA
Township of Green 58,370 G 1983 Mr. Frank Birkenhauer
Township of Liberty 26,172 G 2009 Mr. Matt Huffman
Township of Miami 40,848 G 1992 Mr. Jeffrey Wright
Township of Miami 50,735 G 2002 Mr. Gregory Rogers
Township of Plain 52,540 G 1993 Mrs. Lisa Sabina-Campbell
Township of Springfield 12,237 G 1997 Mr. Christopher Gilbert
Township of Sycamore 19,200 G 1993 Greg Bickford
Township of Union 46,416 G 1981 Mr. Ken Geis
Township of West Chester 60,958 G 1986 Mr. Larry Burks, MPA, ICMA-CM
Village of Amberley 3,585 C 1955 Mr. Scot Lahrmer
Village of Archbold 4,346 G 1995 Mr. Dennis Howell
Village of Carlisle 4,915 C 1987 Mrs. Julie Duffy
Village of Coldwater 4,427 G 2001 Mr. Eric Thomas
Village of Delta 3,103 G 1975 Brad Peebles
Village of Fayette 1,283 G 1995 Mr. Steve Blue
Village of Granville 5,646 C 1964 Mr. Herb Koehler, MA
Village of Greenhills 3,615 C 1990 Evonne Kovach
Village of Indian Hill 5,785 C 1942 Ms. Dina Minneci
Village of Johnstown 4,632 C 1999 Mr. James Lenner
Village of Leipsic 2,093 G 1984 Mr. Kevin Lammon
Village of Lincoln Heights 3,286 C 1998 Mr. Anthony Dukes
Village of Minerva 3,720 C 1981 Mr. Philip Turske, MPP
Village of New Lebanon 3,995 C 1995 Ms. Glena Madden, MA
Village of Paulding 3,605 G 1970 Mr. Harry Wiebe
Village of Sebring 4,420 C 1981 Mr. Richard Giroux
Village of Silverton 4,788 C 2000 Mrs. Meredith George
Village of South Charleston 1,693 C 1918 Trecia Waring
Village of Union City 1,666 G 2003 Ms. Judy Henry
Village of Versailles 2,687 G 1981 Mr. Michael Busse
Village of Waynesville 2,834 C 2004 Mr. Gary Copeland
Village of West Milton 4,630 C 1966 Mr. David Sheridan
Village of West Salem 1,464 G 1997 Rick Witucki
Village of Whitehouse 4,149 G 1987 Ms. Susan Miller
Village of Yellow Springs 3,487 C 1952 Mr. Josue Salmeron, MBA
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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