Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for North Carolina

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
Albemarle Commission 173,209 G 1996 Ashley Stallings
Centralina Council of Governments G 1970 Ms. Geraldine Gardner, AICP
City of Albemarle 15,903 C 1962 Mr. Michael Ferris, ICMA-CM
City of Archdale 11,415 C 1986 Mr. Zeb Holden, CZO, AICP
City of Asheboro 25,012 C 1942 Mr. John Ogburn
City of Asheville 83,393 C 1931 Ms. Debra Campbell
City of Belmont 10,076 C 1963 Mr. Adrian Miller, ICMA-CM
City of Bessemer City 5,340 C 1974 Mr. James Inman, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Boiling Spring Lakes 5,372 C 2003 Mr. David Andrews, ICMA-CM
City of Brevard 7,609 C 1959 Mr. Edward Faison
City of Burlington 49,963 C 1945 Mr. Hardin Watkins, ICMA-CM, MPA
City of Charlotte 731,424 C 1929 Mr. Marcus Jones
City of Cherryville 5,760 C 1965 Ms. Kelly Sellers
City of Claremont 1,352 C 1982 Mr. Jason Brown, MPA
City of Clinton 8,639 C 1957 Ms. Elaine Hunt
City of Concord 79,066 C 1965 Mr. Lloyd Payne, ICMA-CM
City of Conover 8,165 C 1974 Mr. Tom Hart, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Dunn 9,263 C 1949 Mr. Mathew Boone, BA
City of Durham 228,330 C 1921 Ms. Wanda Page, ICMA-CM
City of Eden 15,527 C 1968 Mr. Jon Mendenhall
City of Elizabeth City 18,683 C 1923 Mr. Montre Freeman, JD, MPA
City of Fayetteville 200,564 C 1949 Mr. Douglas Hewett, ICMA-CM
City of Gastonia 71,741 C 1919 Mr. Michael Peoples, ICMA-CM
City of Goldsboro 36,437 C 1917 Timothy Salmon
City of Graham 14,153 C 1955
City of Greensboro 269,666 C 1921 Taiwo Jaiyeoba, MS
City of Greenville 84,554 C 1953 Ms. Ann Wall, ICMA-CM
City of Hamlet 6,495 C 1971 Mr. Matthew Christian
City of Havelock 20,735 C 2000 Mr. Christopher McGee, MPA, PE
City of Henderson 15,368 C 1965 Mr. Edward Blackmon, MBA
City of Hendersonville 13,137 C 1980 Mr. John Connet, MPA
City of Hickory 40,010 C 1913 Mr. Warren Wood
City of High Point 104,371 C 1915 Ms. Tasha Logan Ford, ICMA-CM
City of Jacksonville 70,145 C 1953 Dr. Richard Woodruff
City of Kannapolis 42,625 C 1986 Mr. Michael Legg
City of King 6,904 C 1996 Mr. Homer Dearmin
City of Kings Mountain 10,296 C 1991 Mr. Jackie Barnette
City of Kinston 21,677 C 1948 Ms. Carol Barwick
City of Laurinburg 15,962 C 1951 Mr. Charles Nichols
City of Lenoir 18,228 C 1964 Mr. Scott Hildebran
City of Lexington 18,931 C 1935 Ms. Terra Greene
City of Lincolnton 10,486 C 1982 Ritchie Haynes, BS
City of Lumberton 21,542 C 1949 Mr. Thomas Horne
City of Marion 7,838 C 1949 Mr. J. Boyette, ICMA-CM
City of Monroe 32,797 C 1949 Mr. Brian Borne, MBA
City of Morganton 16,918 C 1913 Ms. Sally Sandy
City of Mount Airy 10,388 C 1961 Mr. Stan Farmer, CPM, MPAff, MPA, AICP, ICMA-CM
City of Mount Holly 13,656 C 1958 Mr. Miles Braswell
City of New Bern 29,524 C 1947 Mr. Foster Hughes
City of Newton 12,968 C 1950 Mr. Jonathan Franklin, MPA
City of North Topsail Beach 743 C 1999 Ms. Alice Derian, ICMA-CM
City of Oxford 8,461 C 1949 Mr. Alan Thornton
City of Raeford 4,611 C 1963 Mr. Raymond Teal
City of Raleigh 403,892 C 1947 Ms. Marchell Adams-David
City of Randleman 4,113 C 2002 Mr. William Johnson
City of Reidsville 14,520 C 1921 Summer Woodard, MPA
City of Roanoke Rapids 15,754 C 1966 Ms. Kelly Traynham, CZO, MPA
City of Rockingham 9,558 C 1971 Mr. Monty Crump
City of Rocky Mount 57,477 C 1927 Mrs. Rochelle Small-Toney, MPA, ICMA-CM, ICMA-CM
City of Roxboro 8,362 C 1928 Mr. Brooks Lockhart
City of Salisbury 33,662 C 1927 Mr. Zack Kyle, ICMA-CM
City of Sanford 28,094 C 1949 Mr. Phillip Hegwer, PE
City of Shelby 20,323 C 1963 Mr. James Howell, MPA
City of Southport 2,833 C 1955 Mr. Gordon Hargrove
City of Statesville 24,532 C 1949 Mr. Ronald Smith
City of Thomasville 26,757 C 1915 Mr. Michael Brandt, AICP, ICMA-CM
City of Washington 9,744 C 1952 Mr. Jonathan Russell, ICMA-CM, MPA
City of Whiteville 5,394 C 1947 Mr. Darren Currie
City of Wilmington 106,476 C 1941 Mr. Anthony Caudle
City of Wilson 49,167 C 1933 Mr. Grant Goings
City of Winston-Salem 229,617 C 1948 Mr. Lee Garrity
County of Alamance 151,131 C 1973 Ms. Heidi York, ICMA-CM, MPA
County of Anson 26,948 C 1962 Mr. Barron Monroe, MPA
County of Ashe 27,281 C 1998 Mr. Adam Stumb, MPA, AICP
County of Beaufort 47,759 C 1976 Mr. Brian Alligood
County of Bertie 21,282 G 1976 Mr. James Scarborough, MPA
County of Bladen 35,190 C 1983 Mr. Gregory Martin
County of Brunswick 107,431 G 1983 Mr. Randell Woodruff, MPA
County of Buncombe 238,318 C 1992 Mrs. Avril Pinder, CGMA, CPA, ICMA-CM
County of Burke 90,912 G 1973 Mr. Kenneth Steen
County of Cabarrus 178,011 G 1971 Mr. Michael Downs, BS
County of Caldwell 83,029 C 1967 Mr. Donald Duncan, ICMA-CM
County of Camden 9,980 C 1998 Mr. Michael Brillhart
County of Carteret 66,469 C 1981 Mr. Tommy Burns, ICMA-CM
County of Caswell 23,719 G 1977 Mr. Bryan Miller
County of Catawba 154,358 C 1937 Ms. Mary Furtado, MPA
County of Chowan 14,793 G 1978 Mr. Kevin Howard
County of Cleveland 98,078 C 1964 Mr. Brian Epley, CBEP
County of Columbus 58,098 G 1983 Mr. Edwin Madden
County of Craven 103,505 G 1980 Mr. Jack Veit
County of Cumberland 319,431 G 1976 Ms. Amy Cannon
County of Currituck 23,547 G 1976 Mr. Ben Stikeleather, MPA
County of Davidson 162,878 C 1953 Mr. Casey Smith
County of Davie 41,240 C 1998 Mr. John Eller, MBA
County of Duplin 58,505 C 1997 Mr. Michael Aldridge
County of Durham 267,587 C 1930 Mrs. Claudia Hager, MPA
County of Edgecombe 56,552 C 1998 Mr. Eric Evans
County of Forsyth 350,670 C 1956
County of Franklin 60,619 C 1987 Ms. Angela Harris
County of Gaston 206,086 C 1957 Dr. Kimberly Eagle, MCRP, MPA, Ph.D.
County of Granville 59,916 C 1985 Mrs. Korena Weichel
County of Greene 21,362 C 2003 Mr. Kyle DeHaven, MBA
County of Guilford 488,406 C 1942
County of Halifax 54,691 C 1999 Mrs. Dia Denton, MPA, BA
County of Harnett 114,678 C 2000 Mr. Brent Trout
County of Henderson 106,740 C 2004 Mr. Steven Wyatt
County of Hertford 24,669 C 1959 Mr. David Cotton
County of Hoke 46,952 G 1972 Ms. Linda Revels
County of Iredell 159,437 C 1963 Ms. Beth Mull
County of Johnston 168,878 C 1998 Mr. Rick Hester, MPA
County of Lee 57,866 C 1998 Dr. John Crumpton, Ed.D
County of Lincoln 78,265 C 1990 Mr. Kelly Atkins
County of Macon 33,922 C 1999 Mr. Derek Roland, MPA
County of Martin 24,505 C 2011 Mrs. Cindy Ange
County of McDowell 44,996 G 1971 Mr. Ashley Wooten, ICMA-CM
County of Mecklenburg 919,628 C 1962 Ms. Dena Diorio, MPA
County of Montgomery 27,798 C 2006 Mr. Matthew Woodard
County of Moore 88,247 G 1984 Mr. J. Vest
County of Nash 95,840 C 1985 Mr. Zee Lamb
County of New Hanover 202,667 C 1966 Mr. Chris Coudriet, MPA, ICMA-CM
County of Northampton 22,099 C 1962 Ms. Kimberly Turner
County of Onslow 177,772 C 1972 Ms. Sharon Griffin
County of Orange 133,801 C 1982 Ms. Bonnie Hammersley
County of Pamlico 13,144 C 1998 Mr. Timothy Buck
County of Pender 52,217 C 1998 Mr. Chadwick McEwen, MPA
County of Person 39,464 C 1985 Mrs. Katherine Cathey, MPA, IPMA-SCP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
County of Pitt 168,148 G 1971 Mr. Michael Taylor
County of Polk 20,510 C 1998 Mr. David Pittman, MS
County of Richmond 46,639 C 1972 Mr. Bryan Land
County of Robeson 134,168 C 1930 Ms. Kellie Blue
County of Rockingham 93,643 C 1957 Mr. Lance Metzler, ICMA-CM
County of Rutherford 67,810 G Mr. Steve Garrison
County of Sampson 63,431 G 1976 Mr. Edwin Causey
County of Scotland 36,157 C 1964 Mr. Kevin Patterson, CPA
County of Stanly 60,585 C 1976 Mr. Andrew Lucas, MPA
County of Stokes 47,401 G 1977 Mr. Richard Morris
County of Surry 73,673 C 1973
County of Transylvania 33,090 C 2000 Ms. Jaime Laughter, AICP, ICMA-CM
County of Union 201,292 C 1965
County of Vance 45,422 C 1995 Mr. Jordan McMillen, ICMA-CM
County of Wake 900,993 C 1965 Mr. David Ellis, ICMA-CM
County of Warren 20,972 G 1985 Mr. Vincent Jones
County of Washington 13,228 G 1981 Mr. Curtis Potter
County of Watauga 51,079 G 1977 Ms. Anita Fogle
County of Wayne 122,623 C 1998 Mr. WALTER CRUMPLER, BS
County of Wilkes 69,340 G 1976 Mr. John Yates
County of Wilson 81,234 G 1971 Ms. Denise Stinagle
County of Yadkin 38,406 G 1976 Ms. Lisa Hughes, MPA
Land-Of-Sky Regional Council G 1978
Lumber River Council of Governments G 1978 Mr. David Richardson, JD, MBA
Montgomery County Library C 2006
Piedmont Triad Regional Council (PTRC) G 1970 Mr. Matthew Dolge
Region L-Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments G 1972 Mr. Greg Godard
Region P-Eastern Carolina Council of Governments G 1972
Town of Ahoskie 5,039 C 1957 Mr. Kirk Rogers
Town of Angier 4,350 C 1990 Mr. Gerald Vincent, ICMA-CM
Town of Apex 37,476 C 1976 Catherine Crosby, ICMA-CM
Town of Atlantic Beach 1,495 C 1994 Mr. David Walker
Town of Ayden 4,932 C 1959 Mr. Matthew Livingston, AICP, ICMA-CM
Town of Badin 1,974 C 1999 Mr. Jay Almond
Town of Beaufort 4,039 C 1997 Mr. Everette Clark, MPA
Town of Beech Mountain 320 C 1988 Ms. Reba Greene
Town of Belhaven 1,688 C 1964 Mr. Elwood Jarvis
Town of Benson 3,311 C 1964 Mrs. Kimberly Pickett, MPA
Town of Beulaville 1,296 C 1999 Mrs. Lori Williams
Town of Biltmore Forest 1,343 G 1983 Mr. Jonathan Kanipe, ICMA-CM
Town of Black Mountain 7,848 C 1951 Mr. Joshua Harrold, ICMA-CM
Town of Blowing Rock 1,241 C 2000 Mr. Billy Fox
Town of Boone 17,122 C 1979 Ms. Amy Davis
Town of Canton 4,227 C 1959 Mr. James Smathers
Town of Carolina Beach 5,706 C 1949 Mr. Bruce Oakley
Town of Carolina Shores 3,048 G 2020
Town of Carrboro 19,582 C 1973 Mr. Richard White, ICMA-CM, MPA
Town of Carthage 2,205 C 1998 Mrs. Linda Phillips
Town of Cary 135,234 C 1961 Mr. Sean Stegall, CEO
Town of Chadbourn 1,856 C 1972 Ms. Patricia Garrell
Town of Chapel Hill 57,233 C 1922 Mr. Maurice Jones
Town of Clayton 16,116 C 1983 Mr. Rich Cappola, MPA, PE, CFM
Town of Cornelius 24,866 G 1984 Mr. Andrew Grant, ICMA-CM
Town of Drexel 1,858 C 1976 Ms. Sherri Bradshaw
Town of Edenton 5,004 C 1990 Ms. Anne-Marie Knighton
Town of Elizabethtown 3,583 G 1982 Mr. Dane Rideout, ICMA-CM
Town of Elkin 4,001 C 1990 Mr. Brent Cornelison, CA
Town of Elon 9,419 C 1991 Mr. Richard Roedner, MPPA
Town of Enfield 2,532 C 1990 Mr. M'Bechi Davis, MPA
Town of Erwin 4,405 C 1968 Mr. Richard Hicks
Town of Fairmont 2,663 C 1975 Mr. Henry Raper, Esq
Town of Farmville 4,654 G 1977 Mr. David Hodgkins, ICMA-CM
Town of Fletcher 7,187 C 2000 Mr. Mark Biberdorf
Town of Forest City 7,476 G 1970 Mr. John Condrey
Town of Franklinton 2,023 C 1985 Ms. Kim Worley
Town of Fuquay-Varina 17,937 C 1933 Mr. Adam Mitchell, ICMA-CM, MBA
Town of Garner 25,745 C 1957 Mr. Rodney Dickerson
Town of Gibsonville 6,410 C 1973 Mr. Robert Baxley
Town of Granite Falls 4,722 C 1974 Mr. Jerry Church
Town of Haw River 2,298 C 1998 Mr. Jeffrey Earp
Town of Hillsborough 6,087 C 1992 Mr. Eric Peterson
Town of Holden Beach 575 C 1991 Mr. David Hewett
Town of Holly Springs 24,661 C 2002 Mr. Randy Harrington, MPA
Town of Hope Mills 15,176 C 1982 Mr. Scott Meszaros, ICMA-CM, CMC, MPA
Town of Hudson 3,776 C 1984 Mr. Jonathan Greer, MPA
Town of Huntersville 46,773 C 1999 Mr. Anthony Roberts
Town of Jonesville 2,285 C 1994 Mr. Tim Gwyn
Town of Kenly 1,339 C 1985 Ms. Justine Jones, MPA, MPP
Town of Kernersville 23,123 C 1965 Mr. Curtis Swisher
Town of Kill Devil Hills 6,683 C 1977 Mrs. Debora Diaz
Town of Lake Lure 1,192 C 1992 Mr. William Perkins, ICMA-CM
Town of Lake Waccamaw 1,480 C 2004 Mr. Mike Prostinak
Town of Leland 13,527 C 2001 Mr. David Hollis, PE
Town of Lewisville 12,639 C 1992 Ms. Joyce Walker
Town of Lillington 3,194 C 1998 Mr. Joseph Jeffries
Town of Long View 4,871 C 1993 Mr. David Draughn
Town of Louisburg 3,359 C 1975
Town of Madison 2,246 C 1961 Mr. Robert Scott
Town of Maiden 3,310 C 1974 Mr. Todd Herms, ICMA-CM
Town of Manteo 1,434 C 1998 Ms. Melissa Dickerson, CFM, CZO
Town of Maxton 2,426 C 1997 Mrs. Myra Tyndall
Town of Mayodan 2,478 C 1976 Ms. Kathleen Patterson, MPA
Town of Mint Hill 22,722 G 1979 Mr. Brian Welch
Town of Mocksville 5,051 C 1994 Mr. Kenneth Gamble, MPA
Town of Mooresville 32,711 C 1950 Mr. Randall Hemann, ICMA-CM, MPA
Town of Morehead City 8,661 C 1967 Ms. Jeanne Giblin
Town of Morrisville 18,576 C 1989 Ms. Martha Paige, MPA, ICMA-CM
Town of Mount Gilead 1,181 C 2004 Mr. Hiram Marziano, CFM, MPA
Town of Nags Head 2,757 C 1976 Mr. Andy Garman, ICMA-CM
Town of Nashville 5,352 C 1980 Mr. Randy Lansing
Town of North Wilkesboro 4,245 C 1976 Ms. V Kay Minton
Town of Oak Island 6,783 C 1975 Mr. David Kelly
Town of Pembroke 2,973 C 1979 Mr. Tyler Thomas, MPA
Town of Pikeville 678 C 2014
Town of Pineville 7,479 C 1965 Mr. Ryan Spitzer, ICMA-CM
Town of Pittsboro 3,743 C 1974 Mr. Chris Kennedy, AICP
Town of Plymouth 3,878 C 1966 Mr. Christopher Layton, MPA
Town of Princeville 2,082 C 1993 Mr. Byron Ellis
Town of Red Springs 3,428 C 1974 Mr. David Ashburn, BS, MPA
Town of River Bend 3,119 C 2010 Mr. Delane Jackson, MPA
Town of Scotland Neck 2,059 G 1986 Mr. Charles Baisey
Town of Selma 6,073 C 1962 Steven Hicks
Town of Seven Devils 192 C 1983 Ms. Karen Daniels
Town of Shallotte 3,675 G 1997 Mr. Albert Hughes
Town of Siler City 7,887 C 1970 Mr. Roy Lynch, BS
Town of Smithfield 10,966 C 1966 Mr. Michael Scott
Town of Southern Pines 12,334 C 1953 Mr. Reagan Parsons, ICMA-CM
Town of Southern Shores 2,714 G 1990 Mr. Cliff Ogburn, ICMA-CM
Town of Spencer 3,267 C 1958 Mr. Peter Franzese
Town of Spindale 4,321 C 1994 Mr. G. Webber
Town of Spring Lake 11,964 C 1979 Rhonda Webb
Town of Stoneville 1,056 C 1984 Ms. Marilyn Smith
Town of Tarboro 11,415 C 1955 Mr. Troy Lewis, MPA
Town of Taylorsville 2,098 C 2001 Mr. David Odom
Town of Topsail Beach 368 C 1992 Mr. Michael Rose
Town of Troy 3,189 C 1980 Mr. Karl Zephir, MPA, ICMA-CM
Town of Tryon 1,646 C 1931 Mr. Zachary Ollis, MPA
Town of Valdese 4,490 C 1932 Mr. Seth Eckard, MPA
Town of Wadesboro 5,813 C 1957 Mr. David Edwards, MPA
Town of Wake Forest 30,117 C 1972 Mr. Kipling Padgett, CPM, ICMA-CM
Town of Wallace 3,880 G 1985 Mr. Laurence Bergman, CPM, CGCIO, MPA
Town of Warrenton 862 C 1966 Mr. Robert Davie
Town of Waynesville 9,869 C 1981 Mr. Robert Hites
Town of Weaverville 3,120 C 1988 Ms. Selena Coffey, ICMA-CM, MPA
Town of Wendell 5,845 C 1953 Mr. Marvin Collins, ICMA-CM, MPA
Town of Wilkesboro 3,413 C 2006 Mr. Kenneth Noland, ICMA-CM
Town of Winterville 9,269 C 2000 Ms. Terri Parker, MBA
Town of Woodfin 6,123 G 1993 Mr. Eric Hardy, MBA
Town of Wrightsville Beach 2,477 C 1987 Mr. Timothy Owens
Town of Zebulon 4,433 C 1980 Joe Moore, MPA, PE
Triangle J Council of Governments G 1976 Mr. Edwin Worsley
Union County Government C Mr. Brian Matthews, AICP
Village of Bald Head Island 158 C 1998 Mr. Kevin McCall
Village of Clemmons 18,627 C 1999 Ms. Marsha Sucharski
Village of Pinehurst 13,124 C 1983 Jeffrey Sanborn, MBA
Village of Sugar Mountain 198 G 1990 Mr. Bill Daniels
Western Piedmont Council of Governments G 1972 Mr. Anthony Starr, ICMA-CM, AICP
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

The information in this directory is a trade secret owned exclusively by ICMA. This directory is for use by ICMA constituents for the sole purpose of facilitating communication in normal professional pursuits and in activities related to ICMA. The directory may not be used for marketing to, selling to, or surveying these constituents, nor may it be used to generate external e-mail distribution lists.