Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for New Hampshire

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
City of Berlin 10,051 C 1971 James Wheeler
City of Claremont 13,355 C 1948 Mr. Ed Morris
City of Concord 42,695 C 1967 Mr. Thomas Aspell
City of Dover 29,987 C 1962 Mr. J. Michael Joyal
City of Franklin 8,477 C 1970 Ms. Judie Milner
City of Keene 23,409 C 1956 Elizabeth Dragon, ICMA-CM
City of Laconia 15,951 C 1970 Mr. Scott Myers
City of Lebanon 13,151 C 1958 Mr. Shaun Mulholland, MPA
City of Portsmouth 20,779 C 1948 Ms. Karen Conard
City of Rochester 29,752 C 1993 Mr. Blaine Cox
City of Somersworth 11,766 C 1986 Mr. Robert Belmore
Town of Belmont 7,356 G 1983
Town of Bow 7,519 G 2002 Mr. David Stack, MPA
Town of Conway 10,115 C 1956 Ms. Rhoda Quint
Town of Derry 33,109 G 1986 Mr. David Caron, ICMA-CM
Town of Durham 14,638 C 1988 Mr. Todd Selig
Town of Exeter 14,306 C 1956 Mr. Russell Dean
Town of Gilford 7,126 G 1990 Scott J. Dunn
Town of Goffstown 17,651 G 1995 Mr. Derek Horne
Town of Gorham 2,848 C 1975 Ms. Grace La Pierre
Town of Hampton 15,430 C 1954 Mr. Jamie Sullivan, MBA
Town of Hanover 11,260 C 1967 Dr. William Boyle
Town of Hooksett 13,451 C 2010 Mr. Andre Garron, AICP, ICMA-CM
Town of Jaffrey 5,457 C 1987 Mr. Jon Frederick, MPA
Town of Lancaster 3,507 C 1948 Mr. Edward Samson
Town of Lincoln 1,662 C 1989 Mr. Alfred Burbank
Town of Littleton 5,928 C 1981 Mr. James Gleason
Town of Londonderry 24,129 G 1984 Mr. Shane O'Keefe, AICP
Town of Meredith 6,241 C 1948 Mr. Phillip Warren
Town of Merrimack 25,494 C 1981 Ms. Eileen Cabanel
Town of Moultonborough 4,044 G 1999 Mr. Charles Smith, MPA
Town of New Boston 5,321 G 1995 Mr. Peter Flynn
Town of New Durham 2,638 G 1999 Mrs. Nicole Zoltko, CPM
Town of Newport 6,507 C 1948 Mr. Hunter Rieseberg
Town of Northumberland 2,288 C 1958 Mrs. Melinda Kennett
Town of Pembroke 7,115 G 2000 Mr. David Jodoin
Town of Peterborough 6,284 G 1991 Ms. Nicole MacStay
Town of Plaistow 7,609 C 1992 Ms. Maryellen Pelletier
Town of Plymouth 6,990 G 1992 Ms. Kathryn Lowe
Town of Raymond 10,138 C 1992 Mr. Craig Wheeler
Town of Salem 28,776 C 1960 Mr. Christopher Dillon
Town of Seabrook 8,693 C 1995 Mr. William Manzi
Town of Wolfeboro 6,269 C 1976 Mr. Peter Chamberlin
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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