Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Nebraska

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
City of Ainsworth 1,728 G 2007
City of Albion 1,650 G 1997
City of Alliance 8,491 C 1921 Mr. Jeffry Sprock
City of Aurora 4,479 G 1992
City of Beatrice 12,459 G 1977 Mr. Tobias Tempelmeyer
City of Bellevue 50,137 G 1969 Rich Severson
City of Blair 7,990 G 1969 Mr. Rodney Storm
City of Bloomfield 1,028 G 1995
City of Broken Bow 3,559 G 1976 Mr. Steve Scott
City of Central City 2,934 G 1986 Mr. Christopher Anderson, ICMA-CM
City of Chadron 5,851 C 1950 Mr. Gregory Yanker, PE
City of Chappell 929 G 2002
City of Columbus 22,111 G 1976
City of Dakota City 1,919 G 1981
City of David City 2,906 G 1979 Clayton Keller, MPA
City of Falls City 4,325 C 1994
City of Fremont 26,397 G 1969 Mr. Brian Newton
City of Fullerton 1,307 G 1993
City of Geneva 2,217 G 1976
City of Gering 8,500 G 1970 Mr. John Mejia
City of Gordon 1,612 C 1950
City of Gothenburg 3,574 G 1976 Mr. Gary Greer
City of Grand Island 48,520 G 1979 Ms. RaNae Edwards
City of Grant 1,165 G 1994 Dana Harris
City of Hastings 24,907 G 1985 Mr. David Wacker
City of Hickman 1,657 G 2007 Ms. Kelly Oelke, CMC, CPM
City of Holdrege 5,495 G 1979 Mr. Dane Jensen
City of Kearney 30,787 C 1951 Mr. Michael Morgan
City of La Vista 15,758 G 1972 Ms. Brenda Gunn
City of Lexington 10,230 C 1948 Mr. Joseph Pepplitsch, MPA
City of Madison 2,438 C 1983 Byron Brogan
City of McCook 7,698 C 1950
City of Nebraska City 7,289 G 2005 Mr. Louis Leone, MPA
City of Norfolk 24,210 G 1969 Mr. Andrew Colvin
City of North Platte 24,733 G 1969 Mr. Martin Gutschenritter
City of Ogallala 4,737 C 1963 Mr. Bruce Smith, BA
City of Papillion 18,894 G 1988 Ms. Amber Powers
City of Pierce 1,767 G 2007
City of Plainview 1,246 G 1988 Mrs. Lori Wragge
City of Plattsmouth 6,502 G 2008 Mr. Ervin Portis
City of Ravenna 1,360 G 2007 Mrs. Kellie Crowell
City of Scottsbluff 15,039 C 1949 Mr. Dustin Rief, MPA
City of Seward 6,964 G 1976 Ms. Bonnie Otte
City of Sidney 6,757 C 1950 Ms. Dawn Martin
City of South Sioux City 13,353 G 1969 Mr. Lance Hedquist
City of Sutton 1,502 G 1988 Mr. Jeff Hofaker
City of Valentine 2,737 C 1991 Mr. John Hanzlicek
City of Wakefield 1,451 G 1988
City of Waverly 3,277 G 2006
City of Wayne 5,660 G 1973 Mr. Wes Blecke, MPA
City of West Point 3,364 G 1976
City of York 7,766 G 1969
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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