Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Missouri

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
City of Albany 1,730 G 1995 Ms. Jill Cottrill
City of Arnold 20,808 G 1980 Mr. Matthew Richison
City of Aurora 7,508 C 1970 Mr. Jon Holmes, MPA
City of Ballwin 30,404 C 1980 Mr. Eric Sterman
City of Belton 23,116 C 1963 Mr. Joe Warren, MPA
City of Berkeley 8,978 C 1957 Ms. Debra Irvin , BS
City of Blue Springs 52,575 C 1979 Mr. Mike Ekey
City of Bonne Terre 6,864 C 1966 Mr. James Eaton
City of Boonville 8,319 C 1970 Mr. Irl Tessendorf
City of Branson 10,520 G 1981 Mr. Stan Dobbins
City of Brentwood 8,055 G 1982 Ms. Abimbola Akande
City of Brookfield 4,542 C 1973 Mrs. Dana Tarpening
City of Butler 4,219 G 1978 Casey Koehn
City of Cabool 2,146 G 1980 Mr. Ron Scheets
City of Camdenton 3,718 G 1991 Jeffrey Hooker
City of Cameron 9,933 C 1949 Mr. Stephen Rasmussen
City of Cape Girardeau 37,941 C 1965 Dr. Kenneth Haskin
City of Carthage 14,378 G 1980 Mr. Greg Dagnan
City of Centralia 4,027 G 1985 Mr. William Miller
City of Charleston 5,947 C 1947 Mr. Phillip Robinette, BS
City of Chesterfield 47,484 G 1988 Mr. Michael Geisel, MBA, PE
City of Chillicothe 9,515 G 1996 Rozanne Frampton
City of Clayton 15,939 C 1957 Mr. David Gipson
City of Clinton 9,008 G 1981 Ms. Christina Maggi
City of Columbia 108,500 C 1949 Mr. De'Carlon Seewood, ICMA-CM
City of Crestwood 11,912 C 1996 Mr. Kristoffer Simpson, ICMA-CM Candidate
City of Creve Coeur 17,833 G 1977 Mr. Mark Perkins, ICMA-CM
City of Crystal City 4,855 G 2018 Mr. Jason Eisenbeis, ICMA-CM, MBA
City of De Soto 6,400 C 1948 Mr. David Dews
City of Des Peres 8,373 G 1974 Mr. Douglas Harms
City of East Prairie 3,176 C 1969 Mrs. Myra Conyers
City of El Dorado Springs 3,593 C 1986 Mr. Bruce Rogers
City of Eldon 4,567 G 1979 Mrs. Charlotte Dolby, CMC
City of Ellisville 9,133 C 1994 Mr. William Schwer, PE
City of Excelsior Springs 11,084 C 1922 Ms. Molly McGovern
City of Farmington 16,240 G 1979 Mr. Gregory Beavers
City of Fayette 2,688 G 1975 Robin Triplett
City of Ferguson 21,203 C 1954 Ms. Debbie Matthies
City of Festus 11,602 G 1977 Mr. Gregory Camp, ICMA-CM
City of Fredericktown 3,985 G 1981 Mr. Kevin Friend
City of Frontenac 3,482 G 1986 Mr. Jaysen Christensen, ICMA-CM, MPA
City of Fulton 12,790 C 1996 Ms. Vivian Tyler
City of Gladstone 25,410 C 1961 Mr. Scott Wingerson
City of Glendale 5,925 G 1970 Mr. Benjamin DeClue, MPA
City of Grain Valley 12,854 C 1988 Mr. Ken Murphy, AICP, CPM
City of Grandview 24,475 C 1965 Mr. Cemal Gungor
City of Harrisonville 10,019 C 1965 Mr. Brad Ratliff
City of Hazelwood 25,703 C 1971 Mr. Matthew Zimmerman
City of Hermann 2,431 G 1979 Mr. Mark Wallace
City of Houston 2,081 G 1982 Mrs. Tonya Foster
City of Independence 116,830 C 1962 Mr. Zachary Walker, MPA
City of Jackson 13,758 G 1970 Mr. Jim Roach
City of Jefferson City 43,079 G 1981 Mr. Steven Crowell
City of Joplin 50,150 C 1954 Mr. Nicholas Edwards
City of Kansas City 459,787 C 1926 Mr. Brian Platt
City of Kearney 8,381 G 1979 Mr. James Eldridge, MPA
City of Kirksville 17,505 C 1972 Mrs. Mari Macomber
City of Kirkwood 27,540 C 1985 Mr. Russell Hawes, ICMA-CM, AICP
City of Knob Noster 2,709 G 1992 Mr. Scott Peterson, MPA
City of La Plata 1,366 G 1979 Ms. Betty Wheeler
City of Lake Ozark 1,586 G 2001 Mr. David Van Dee
City of Lake St. Louis 14,545 G 1978 Mr. George Ertle, MPA
City of Lawson 2,473 C 1991 Mr. James Nolker
City of Lebanon 14,474 G 2018 Mr. Mike Schumacher, CPM
City of Lee's Summit 91,364 C 1997 Mr. Stephen Arbo
City of Liberty 29,149 G 1971 Mr. Curtis Wenson
City of Macon 5,471 G 1986 Mrs. Avis Marshall
City of Manchester 18,094 G 1978 Mr. Justin Klocke
City of Maplewood 8,046 C 1984 Mr. Michael Reese, MA
City of Marceline 2,233 C 1953 Mr. Richard Hoon, MPA
City of Marshfield 6,633 G 1981 Mr. Sam Rost
City of Maryland Heights 27,472 G 1986 Mrs. Marsha Jones
City of Maryville 11,972 C 1953 Mr. Greg McDanel, ICMA-CM
City of Mexico 11,543 C 1949 Mr. Bruce Slagle
City of Moberly 13,974 C 1944 Mr. Brian Crane, ICMA-CM, MBA, CPM, BS
City of Montgomery City 2,834 G 1984 Mr. Steven Deves
City of Mount Vernon 4,575 G 2001 Mr. Max Springer
City of Mountain Grove 4,789 C 1980 Mr. Timothy Schook, CPM
City of Neosho 11,835 C 1944 Ms. Audrey Covey
City of Nevada 8,386 C 1946 Mr. John Kehrman
City of New Haven 2,089 C
City of New Madrid 3,116 C 1983 Mr. Richard McGill
City of Nixa 19,022 C 1994 Mr. Jimmy Liles
City of North Kansas City 4,208 G 1974 Michael Nichols
City of Oak Grove 7,795 G 1983 Mr. Matt Randall, MPA
City of O'Fallon 79,329 G 1981 Mr. Michael Snowden, MPA
City of Olivette 7,737 C 1957 Ms. Barbara Sondag
City of Osage Beach 4,351 G 1983 Ms. Jeana Woods, CPA, ICMA-CM
City of Pacific 7,002 G 1984 Mrs. Sheila Steelman
City of Perryville 8,225 C 1978 Mr. Brent Buerck
City of Platte City 4,691 C 1996 Mr. Dennis Gehrt, ICMA-CM
City of Pleasant Hill 8,113 C 1993 Mrs. Shelby Teufel
City of Poplar Bluff 17,023 C 1969 MATT WINTERS, BS
City of Raymore 19,206 G 1978 Mr. James Feuerborn
City of Republic 14,751 G 1985 Mr. David Cameron
City of Richland 1,863 G 1980 Greg Stratman
City of Richmond 5,797 G 1985 Mr. Ronald Brohammer, MBA
City of Richmond Heights 8,603 C 1992 Mrs. Amy Hamilton, ICMA-CM
City of Rolla 19,559 G 1977 Mr. John Butz
City of Salem 4,950 C 1993 Mr. Ray Walden, MBA
City of Savannah 5,057 C 1973 Mr. Bruce Lundy
City of Sedalia 21,387 G 1984 Ms. Arlene Silvey
City of Sikeston 16,318 C 1959 Mr. Jonathan Douglass, ICMA-CM, MPA
City of Smithville 8,425 G 1979 Ms. Cynthia Wagner
City of Springfield 159,498 C 1953 Mr. Jason Gage, ICMA-CM
City of St. Charles 65,794 G 1988 Mr. Lawrence Dobrosky, MPA
City of St. John 6,517 C 1974 Mr. Robert Connell, BA, MA
City of St. Joseph 76,780 C 1983 Bryan Carter, JD, MBA
City of St. Peters 52,575 G 1980 Mr. Russell Batzel
City of Ste. Genevieve 4,410 C 1977 Mr. Happy Welch, ICMA-CM
City of Trenton 6,001 G 1978 Ms. Cindy Simpson
City of Union 10,204 G 1981 Mr. James Schmieder, MPA
City of University City 35,371 C 1947 Mr. Gregory Rose, MPA
City of Vandalia 3,899 G 1989 Mrs. Denise Kohl
City of Warrensburg 18,838 C 1957 Ms. Danielle Dulin
City of Warsaw 2,127 C 1995 Mr. Randy Pogue
City of Washington 13,982 G 1975 Mr. Darren Lamb
City of Waynesville 4,830 G 1981 Mr. Bruce Harrill
City of Webb City 10,996 G 1996 Mr. Carl Francis
City of Webster Groves 22,995 C 1954 Dr. Marie Peoples, Ph.D.
City of Wentzville 29,070 G 2013 Mr. Douglas Lee, MPPA
East-West Gateway Council of Governments G 1969 Mr. James Wild
Mid-America Regional Council G 1977 Mr. David Warm
Ozark Foothills Regional Planning Commission G 1978 Ms. Felicity Brady
South Central Ozark Council of Governments G 1979
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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