Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Mississippi

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
Central Mississippi Planning & Development District G 1977
City of Gautier 18,572 C 1987 Ms. Paula Yancey
City of Grenada 13,092 C 1951 John Baker
City of Hattiesburg 45,989 G 1991 Mr. Edgar Myers
City of Mc Comb 12,790 G 1984 Mr. Dirkland Smith
City of Meridian 41,148 G 1986 Mr. David Jackson
City of Pascagoula 22,392 C 1965 Mrs. Brenda Reed
City of Picayune 10,878 C 1953 Mr. James Luke
City of Starkville 23,888 C 1981 Mr. Taylor Adams
County of Bolivar 34,145 G 1987 Mr. Will Hooker
County of Harrison 187,105 G 1990 Ms. Pamela Ulrich, CA
County of Jackson 139,668 G 2001 Mr. Brian Fulton
Town of Moorhead 2,405 C 1954 Ms. LeRoy Robison
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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