Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Massachusetts

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
City of Cambridge 105,162 C 1942 Mr. Louis DePasquale
City of Chelsea 35,177 C 1995 Mr. Thomas Ambrosino
City of Franklin 31,635 G 1980 Mr. Jeffrey Nutting
City of Lowell 106,519 C 1944 Eileen Donoghue
City of Medford 56,173 C 1950 Mr. Edward Finn
City of Methuen 47,255 C 1972 Ms. Tina Touma Conway
City of Worcester 181,045 C 1999 Mr. Edward Augustus
County of Barnstable 215,888 G 1995 Justyna Marczak
Merrimack Valley Planning Commission G 1982 Mr. Dennis DiZoglio
Town of Acton 21,924 C 1984 Mr. John Mangiaratti
Town of Adams 8,485 G 1984 Mrs. Mary Beverly
Town of Agawam 28,438 C 1974 Mr. Richard Theroux
Town of Amherst 37,819 C 1954 Mr. Paul Bockelman
Town of Andover 33,201 C 1959 Mr. Andrew Flanagan
Town of Arlington 42,844 C 1953 Mr. Sanford Pooler, JD, MPA, CFO
Town of Ashburnham 6,081 C 1988 Mrs. Linda Ramsdell
Town of Ashland 16,593 C 1994 Mr. Michael Herbert
Town of Barnstable 45,193 C 1990 Mr. Mark Ells
Town of Bedford 13,320 G 1974 Ms. Doreen Tremblay
Town of Belmont 24,729 C 1988 Ms. Patrice Garvin
Town of Billerica 40,243 G 1980 Olivia Canario
Town of Blackstone 9,026 C 1973 Ms. Dori Vecchio, MPA
Town of Brookline 58,732 G 1969 Mr. Melvin Kleckner
Town of Burlington 24,498 C 1988 Mr. Paul Sagarino Jr.
Town of Canton 21,561 G 1989 Mr. Charles Aspinwall, MPA
Town of Chatham 6,125 G 1990 Ms. Jill Rubin-Goldsmith, ICMA-CM
Town of Chelmsford 33,802 C 1992 Ms. Elizabeth Delaney
Town of Concord 17,668 C 1956 Ms. Kerry Lafleur
Town of Danvers 26,493 C 1950 Mr. Stephen Bartha, MPA, ICMA-CM
Town of Dartmouth 34,032 G 1980 Mr. Shawn MacInnes, PE, MBA, MCPPO
Town of Dennis 14,207 G 1977 Elizabeth Sullivan
Town of Dracut 29,457 C 1986 Mrs. Ann Vandal
Town of Duxbury 15,059 C 1994 Mr. Rene Read
Town of Easthampton 16,053 C 1987 Ms. Barbara LaBombard
Town of Easton 23,112 C 1973 Mr. Connor Read
Town of Framingham 68,318 G 1969 Mr. James Duane
Town of Grafton 17,765 C 1990 Mr. Evan Brassard, MPA
Town of Greenfield 17,456 G 1985 Ms. Maureen Winsick
Town of Groton 10,646 G 1989 Mr. Mark Haddad
Town of Hadley 5,250 G 1991 Mr. David Nixon
Town of Hanover 13,879 G 1981 Mr. Joseph Colangelo
Town of Harvard 6,520 G 1992 Timothy Bragan
Town of Hingham 22,157 G 1994 Mr. Tom Mayo
Town of Holden 17,346 C 1952 Ms. Jacquelyn Kelly
Town of Hudson 19,063 G 1973 Mr. Thomas Moses
Town of Ipswich 13,175 C 1967 Ms. Pamela Carakatsane
Town of Kingston 12,629 C 1995 Mr. Keith Hickey, ICMA-CM
Town of Lexington 31,394 C 1987 Mr. James Malloy, ICMA-CM
Town of Lincoln Center 6,362 G 1980 Mr. Timothy Higgins
Town of Longmeadow 15,784 G 1991 Ms. Lyn Simmons
Town of Lynnfield 11,596 G 1982 Mr. Robert Dolan
Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea 5,136 G 1993 Mr. Gregory Federspiel
Town of Mansfield 23,184 C 1921 Mr. Scott Leite
Town of Marshfield 25,132 G 2008 Mr. Michael Maresco, AIA
Town of Mashpee 14,006 G 2000 Rodney Collins
Town of Medfield 12,024 C 1971 Kristine Trierweiler
Town of Medway 12,752 G 2000 Mr. Michael Boynton
Town of Middleborough 23,116 C 1921 Mr. Robert Nunes
Town of Middleton 8,987 G 1981 Mr. Andrew Sheehan
Town of Millville 3,190 G 1994 Mrs. Helen Coffin
Town of Milton 27,003 G 1970 Mr. James Mullen
Town of Natick 33,006 G 1982 Melissa Malone
Town of Needham 28,886 G 1979 Ms. Kate Fitzpatrick, ICMA-CM
Town of North Andover 28,352 G 1986 Mrs. Melissa Rodrigues
Town of North Reading 14,892 G 1973 Mr. Michael Gilleberto
Town of Northborough 14,155 C 1971 Mr. John Coderre
Town of Northbridge 15,707 C 1993 Mr. Adam Gaudette
Town of Norton 19,031 C 1996 Mr. Michael Yunits
Town of Norwell 10,506 C 1976 Mr. Peter Morin, BA, JD
Town of Norwood 28,602 C 1915 Mr. Tony Mazzucco, ICMA-CM
Town of Orleans 5,890 G 1989 Mr. John Kelly, MPA
Town of Oxford 13,709 C 1972 Jennifer Callahan
Town of Plymouth 56,468 G 1979 Mr. Derek Brindisi, MPA
Town of Provincetown 2,942 C 1954 Mr. Alex Morse
Town of Reading 24,747 G 1987 Mr. Robert LeLacheur
Town of Rowley 5,856 G 1996 Ms. Deborah Eagan
Town of Salisbury 8,283 C 1993 Mr. Neil Harrington
Town of Saugus 26,628 C 1948 Mr. Scott Crabtree
Town of Scituate 18,133 C 1972 Mr. James Boudreau
Town of Seekonk 13,722 G 1983 Mr. Shawn Cadime
Town of Sharon 17,612 G 1969 Mr. Frederic Turkington
Town of Sheffield 3,257 G 1992 Rhonda LaBombard
Town of Shrewsbury 35,608 C 1954 Mr. Kevin Mizikar
Town of South Hadley 17,514 G 2006 Mr. Michael Sullivan
Town of Southbridge 16,719 C 1974 Mr. Michael McCall, Esq.
Town of Southwick 9,502 G 1994 Mr. Karl Stinehart
Town of Spencer 11,688 C 2000 Mr. Jeffrey Bridges
Town of Stoneham 21,437 C 1981 Mr. John Hanright
Town of Stoughton 26,962 C 1922 Ms. Robin Muksian, Ph.D.
Town of Sturbridge 9,268 G 1989 Ms. Lynne Girouard
Town of Sudbury 17,659 G 1973 Ms. Maryanne Bilodeau
Town of Sutton 8,963 C 1993 Mr. James Smith, ICMA-CM
Town of Tewksbury 28,961 C 1988 Mr. Richard Montuori
Town of Truro 2,003 C 1993 Mr. Darrin Tangeman, ICMA-CM, MPA
Town of Walpole 24,070 C 1973 Mr. Patrick Shield
Town of Wareham 21,822 C 1980 Mr. Derek Sullivan, MPA
Town of Watertown 31,915 C 1981 Mr. Michael Driscoll
Town of Wayland 12,994 G 1973 Mr. Stephen Crane, MBA, MPA
Town of Wellfleet 2,750 G 1989 Mr. John Chatham
Town of West Boylston 7,669 C 1996 Ms. Kim Hopewell
Town of Westborough 18,272 G 2010 Ms. Kristi Williams
Town of Westford 21,951 C 1991 Ms. Jodi Ross
Town of Wilbraham 14,219 G 1989 Mr. Nick Breault
Town of Williamstown 7,754 C 1957 Mr. Jason Hoch
Town of Wilmington 22,325 C 1951 Mr. Jeffrey Hull, MCPPO, MPA
Town of Winchendon 10,300 G 1990 Mr. Justin Sultzbach, MS
Town of Winchester 21,374 C 1976 Lisa Wong
Town of Wrentham 10,955 G 1975 Mr. Kevin Sweet, MPA, MS, ICMA-CM
Town of Yarmouth 23,793 G 1978 Mr. Robert Whritenour
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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