Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Kentucky

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
Barren River Area Development District G 1976 Mary Adams
Big Sandy Area Development District G 1977 Ms. Sandy Runyon
Bluegrass Area Development District G 1977 Mr. David Duttlilnger
City of Ashland 21,684 C 1950 Mr. Michael Graese
City of Bardstown 11,700 G 1998 Mr. Larry Green
City of Bellevue 5,955 G 1985 Ms. Jody Robinson
City of Berea 13,561 G 1981 Mrs. Rose Beverly, BA
City of Bowling Green 58,067 C 1968 Mr. Jeffery Meisel, CPA, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Central City 5,978 G 1980 Mr. David Rhoades
City of Corbin 7,304 C 1950 Mr. Marlon Sams
City of Covington 40,640 C 1932 Ms. Larisa Sims, AICP
City of Crestview Hills 3,148 G 1989 Mr. Timothy Mattingly, Esq
City of Danville 16,218 C 1968 Mr. Earl Coffey
City of Erlanger 18,082 G 2004 Ms. Linda Carter
City of Florence 29,951 G 1982 Mr. Robert Townsend
City of Fort Mitchell 8,207 G 1983
City of Fort Thomas 16,325 G 1970 Mr. Matthew Kremer , BS
City of Fort Wright 5,723 G 1995 Ms. Jill Bailey
City of Frankfort 25,527 C 1957 Ms. Laura Hagg
City of Franklin 8,408 C 2006 Ms. Cendy Dodd
City of Fulton 2,445 C 1962 Mr. Michael Gunn
City of Hazard 4,456 C 1938 Carlos Combs
City of Hazard 4,456 C 1938 Carlos Combs
City of Henderson 28,757 C 1964 Mr. Russell Newman, CBO
City of Hickman 2,395 C 1969 Mr. James Gray
City of Hopkinsville 31,577 G 2014 Mr. Troy Body
City of Hurstbourne 4,216 G 1990 Mr. Jim Leidgen
City of Independence 24,757 G 2001 Mr. Chris Moriconi, MPA
City of Ludlow 4,407 G 1994 Mr. Paul Weekley
City of Maysville 9,011 C 1954 Mr. Matt Wallingford
City of Newport 15,273 C 1932 Mr. Thomas Fromme, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Owensboro 57,265 C 1954 Mr. Nathaniel Pagan, ICMA-CM, MPA
City of Paducah 25,024 C 1954 Mr. Daron Jordan, CEcD
City of Paris 8,553 G 1976 Mrs. Jamie Miller, PHR, MS
City of Pikeville 6,903 C 1962 Mr. Philip Elswick, PE
City of Richmond 31,364 C 1970 Mr. Rob Minerich
City of Somerset 11,196 G 1979 Mr. Jeffrey Edwards
City of Taylor Mill 6,604 G 1994 Mr. Brian Haney, MPA
City of Winchester 18,368 G 1977 Mr. J. Belcher
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government 295,803 G 1999 Mr. Glenn Brown
Lincoln Trail Area Development District G 1977 Mr. James Greer
Northern Kentucky Area Development District G 1977 Ms. Elishia Chamberlain, MPA
Purchase Area Development District G 1979 Ms. Jennifer Walker
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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