Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Kansas

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
City of Abilene 6,844 C 1939 Ron Marsh
City of Arkansas City 12,415 C 1931 Mr. Randy Frazer, CPM
City of Atchison 11,021 C 1921 Amy Finch, MPA, MMC
City of Augusta 9,274 C 1951 Mr. Joshua Shaw, CPM, ICMA-CM
City of Baldwin City 4,515 G 2007 Dr. Glenn Rodden, Ph.D., MPA
City of Belleville 1,991 C 1921 Mr. Russ Piroutek
City of Beloit 3,835 G 1982 Ms. Kerry Benson
City of Bonner Springs 7,314 C 1970 Mr. Sean Pederson, ICMA-CM
City of Caney 2,203 G 1996 Mr. Fred Gress
City of Chanute 9,119 C 1951 Mr. Todd Newman
City of Cheney 2,094 G 1977 Mrs. Danielle Young, MMC, MPA
City of Clearwater 2,481 G 1977 Ms. Courtney Zollinger, CMC
City of Coffeyville 10,295 C 1963 Ms. Stephanie Richardson
City of Colby 5,387 C 1947 Mr. Tyson McGreer
City of Concordia 5,395 C 1949 Mrs. Amy Lange, MPA
City of Council Grove 2,182 G 1989 Danny Matthews
City of Derby 22,158 G 1982 Mr. Kiel Mangus
City of Dodge City 27,340 C 1970 Mr. Nickolaus Hernandez, ICMA-CM
City of El Dorado 13,021 C 1917 Mr. David Dillner, ICMA-CM
City of Elkhart 2,205 G 2003 Tim Hardy
City of Ellinwood 2,131 G 1976 Mr. Chris Komarek
City of Ellsworth 3,120 G 1998 Ms. Margaret Shepherd
City of Emporia 24,916 C 1947 Mr. John Cocking, MPA
City of Fort Scott 8,087 C 1975 Mr. Jeremy Frazier, MPA
City of Fredonia 2,482 G 2006 Ms. Carolyn Anderson
City of Frontenac 3,437 C 1999 Mr. Douglas Sellars
City of Garden City 26,658 C 1949 Mr. Matt Allen
City of Gardner 19,123 G 1986 Mr. James Pruetting, MS, MSM
City of Garnett 3,415 C 1964 Mr. Christopher Weiner, CPM
City of Goddard 4,344 G 1977 Mr. Brian Silcott, ICMA-CM
City of Goodland 4,489 C 1984 Mr. Kent Brown
City of Great Bend 15,995 G 1978 Mr. Kendal Francis, CPM
City of Halstead 2,085 G 2001 Mr. Ethan Reimer, MPA, CMC, CPM
City of Hays 20,510 C 1919 Mr. Toby Dougherty
City of Haysville 10,826 G 1982 Mr. Will Black
City of Herington 2,526 C 1973 Mr. Branden Dross, MPA
City of Hesston 3,709 G 1970 Mr. Gary Emry
City of Hiawatha 3,172 G 1989 Michael Nichols
City of Hoisington 2,706 C 1924 Mr. Jonathan Mitchell, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Holton 3,329 C 1948 Mr. Kerwin McKee
City of Horton 1,776 G 1985 Ms. Kim Clausen
City of Hutchinson 42,080 C 1947 Mr. Jeffery Cantrell, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Independence 9,483 C 1945 Mrs. Kelly Passauer, CPM
City of Iola 5,704 C 1995 Mr. Matthew Rehder, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Junction City 23,353 C 1947 Mr. Allen Dinkel
City of Kechi 1,909 G 2007 Ms. Laura Hill
City of Kinsley 1,457 C 1922 Mr. Jay Dill
City of La Crosse 1,342 C 1925 Mr. Duane Moeder
City of Lansing 11,265 G 1986 Mr. Timothy Vandall, MPA
City of Larned 4,054 C 1948 Mr. Bradley Eilts, MPA
City of Lawrence 87,643 C 1951 Mr. Craig Owens
City of Leavenworth 35,251 C 1969 Mr. Paul Kramer, MPA
City of Leawood 31,867 G 1980 Mr. Scott Lambers
City of Lenexa 48,190 G 1985 Ms. Rebecca Yocham
City of Liberal 20,525 C 1946 Mr. Russell Varnado, MPA
City of Lindsborg 3,458 G 1983 Ms. Kristi Northcutt, MA
City of Maize 3,420 G 1977 Mr. Richard LaMunyon
City of Manhattan 52,281 C 1951 Mr. Ron Fehr
City of Marysville 3,294 G 1986 Mr. William St. John, MPA
City of Mc Cracken 190 C 1919
City of McPherson 13,155 G 2006 Mr. Nicholas Gregory, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Merriam 11,003 G 1978 Mr. Christopher Engel, MPA
City of Mission 9,323 G 2010 Mrs. Laura Smith, MPA
City of Mission Hills 3,498 G 1982 Ms. Jennifer Lee
City of Mulvane 6,111 G 1981 Mr. Kent Hixson
City of Neodesha 2,486 G 1988 Mr. Eddy Truelove, MPA
City of Newton 19,132 C 1927 Mrs. Kelly McElroy, CPM, MPA
City of Norton 2,928 G 1986 James Moreau, PE
City of Oakley 2,045 G 2003 Ms. Rose Wessel
City of Olathe 125,872 C 1963 Mr. Michael Wilkes
City of Osage City 2,943 G 1998 Mr. Rodney Willis
City of Osawatomie 4,447 C 1964 Mr. Michael Scanlon, ICMA-CM
City of Oswego 1,829 G 1989 Mrs. Alice Hornung
City of Ottawa 12,649 C 1971 Mr. Richard Nienstedt, CEO
City of Overland Park 173,372 C 1964 Ms. Kate Gunja
City of Paola 5,602 C 1962 Randi Shannon
City of Park City 7,297 G 1984 Mr. Sean Fox
City of Parsons 10,500 C 1953 Ms. Deborah Lamb
City of Pittsburg 20,233 C 1949 Mr. Daron Hall
City of Prairie Village 21,447 G 1976 Ms. Nickie Lee
City of Pratt 6,835 C 1973 Roy Eckert
City of Roeland Park 6,731 G 2012 Mr. Keith Moody
City of Rose Hill 3,931 G 1999 Ms. Kathy Dinkel
City of Russell 4,506 C 1948 Mr. Jon Quinday, CPM
City of Sabetha 2,571 G 1984 Mr. Douglas Allen
City of Salina 47,707 C 1921 Mr. Michael Schrage, ICMA-CM
City of Shawnee 62,209 C 1976 Mr. Nolan Sunderman
City of Spring Hill 5,437 G 1994 Ms. Beverly Hayden
City of St. Marys 2,627 C 1921 Mr. Jerry Eichem
City of Sterling 2,328 C 1925 Mr. Craig Crossette, MPA
City of Stockton 1,329 C 1921 Ms. Keith Schlaegel
City of Tonganoxie 4,996 C 1995 Mr. George Brajkovic
City of Topeka 127,473 C 2004 Ms. Brenda Younger
City of Ulysses 6,161 G 1974 Mr. Alan Olson
City of Valley Center 6,822 G 1985 Mr. Brent Clark
City of Wamego 4,372 C 1953 Ms. Stacie Eichem, MBA
City of Wellington 8,172 C 1968 Mr. Shane Shields
City of Westwood 1,506 G 1986 Ms. Leslie Herring, MPA
City of Wichita 382,368 C 1917 Mr. Robert Layton
City of Winfield 12,301 C 1921 Mr. Taggart Wall, MPA
County of Barton 27,674 G 1986 Mr. Phillip Hathcock, BS
County of Butler 65,880 C 2005 Mr. William Johnson
County of Douglas 110,826 G 1990 Mrs. Jill Jolicoeur, MPA
County of Ellis 28,452 G 2017 Mr. Robert Schlyer
County of Finney 36,776 G 2008 Ms. Elsa Ulrich
County of Ford 33,848 G 2004
County of Harper 6,034 C 2009 Ms. Sherry Houston
County of Johnson 544,179 C 1984 Mrs. Penny Postoak Ferguson
County of McPherson 29,180 G 2006
County of Miami 32,787 C 1994 Mr. Shane Krull
County of Reno 64,511 C 2020 Mr. Randall Partington, ICMA-CM
County of Saline 55,606 G 2020 Mr. Phillip Smith-Hanes, ICMA-CM
County of Sedgwick 498,365 G 1981 Mr. Tom Stolz
North Central Regional Planning Commission G 1979 Mr. Doug McKinney
Unified Government of Wyandotte County-Kansas City 145,786 C 1983 Mr. Alan Howze, MBA
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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