Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Iowa

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
City of Algona 5,560 G 1987 Mr. Jacob Tjaden
City of Alton 1,216 G 1995 Mr. Dale Oltmans
City of Altoona 14,541 G 1997 Mr. Randy Pierce
City of Ames 58,965 C 1920 Mr. Steven Schainker
City of Anamosa 5,533 C 2000 Ms. Bonnie Post
City of Ankeny 45,582 C 1975 Mr. David Jones
City of Atlantic 7,112 C 1992 Mr. John Lund, MPA
City of Bancroft 732 G 1995
City of Belmond 2,376 C 1980 Ms. Lee Waltzing
City of Bettendorf 33,217 C 1996 Mr. Decker Ploehn
City of Boone 12,661 C 1997 Mr. Luke Nelson
City of Buffalo 1,270 C 1978 Mr. Terry Adams
City of Burlington 25,663 C 1985 Mr. Chad Bird, MPA
City of Carroll 10,103 C 1979 Mr. Michel Pogge-Weaver, AICP, ICMA-CM
City of Cascade 2,159 G 1995 Ms. Deanna McCusker
City of Cedar Rapids 126,326 C 2007 Mr. Jeffrey Pomeranz
City of Chariton 4,321 C 1966 Mrs. Christy Metzger
City of Charles City 7,652 C 1996 Mr. Steven Diers
City of Cherokee 5,253 G 1977 Mr. Steve Schuck
City of Clarinda 5,572 C 1913 Mr. Gary McClarnon
City of Clarion 2,850 C 1979 Mr. Steve Henigar
City of Clinton 26,885 C 1985 Mr. Matt Brooke
City of Clive 15,447 G 1977 Mr. Matthew McQuillen, MPA
City of Coralville 18,907 G 1989 Mr. Kelly Hayworth
City of Council Bluffs 62,230 C 1950 Ms. Olga Ramirez
City of Davenport 99,685 G 1977 Ms. Corrin Spiegel, ICMA-CM
City of De Witt 5,322 G 1991 Mr. Steven Lindner, ICMA-CM, MPA
City of Denison 8,298 G 2001 Ms. Terry Crawford
City of Des Moines 203,433 C 1950 Mr. Scott Sanders
City of Dubuque 57,637 C 1920 Mr. Michael Van Milligen
City of Eagle Grove 3,583 C 1997 Mr. Michael Boyd, MSM
City of Eldora 2,732 C 1993 Mr. Eric Weinkoetz
City of Eldridge 5,651 G 1984 Ms. Lisa Kotter
City of Emmetsburg 3,904 G 1978 Mrs. Jill Kliegl
City of Fort Madison 11,051 C 1981 Mr. David Varley
City of Garner 3,129 G 2000 Mr. Thomas Kozisek
City of Glidden 1,146 G 1997 Ms. Suzanne Danner
City of Graettinger 844 G 1986 Ms. Sandra Henderson
City of Grinnell 9,218 C 1955 Mr. Russell Behrens, ICMA-CM
City of Guttenberg 1,919 C 1956 DENISE SCHNEIDER, BS, MMC
City of Harlan 5,106 G 1997 Ms. Debra Sawyer
City of Hiawatha 7,024 C 1996 Ms. Kimberly Downs, MBA
City of Humboldt 4,690 C 1994 Mr. Cole Bockelmann, MPA
City of Ida Grove 2,142 G 1980 Ms. Edie Ball
City of Indianola 14,782 C 1980 Mr. Benjamin Reeves, ICMA-CM
City of Iowa City 67,862 C 1951 Mr. Geoff Fruin
City of Iowa Falls 5,238 C 1914 Mr. Jody Anderson
City of Jefferson 4,345 G 1986 Mr. Michael Palmer
City of Johnston 17,278 G 1976 Mr. James Sanders, MPA
City of Kalona 2,363 C 1997 Mr. Ryan Schlabaugh
City of Knoxville 7,313 C 1975 Ms. Heather Ussery, MPA
City of Le Claire 3,765 C 1980 Mr. Dennis Bockenstedt, MBA
City of Le Mars 9,826 C 1981 Mr. Jason Vacura
City of Lisbon 2,152 G 1997 Connie Meier
City of Manchester 5,179 C 1997 Mr. Timothy Vick
City of Maquoketa 6,141 C 1920 Mrs. Diane Frandsen
City of Marion 34,768 C 1963 Mr. Ryan Waller, MPA
City of Marshalltown 27,552 C 1992 Ms. Jessica Kinser
City of Mason City 28,079 C 1995 Mr. Aaron Burnett, ICMA-CM, MPA
City of Mitchellville 2,254 C 1996 Ms. Tammi Dillavou
City of Mount Pleasant 8,668 G 1991 Mr. Brent Schleisman
City of Mount Vernon 4,506 G 1990 Mr. Chris Nosbisch, ICMA-CM
City of Muscatine 22,886 C 1968 Ms. Carol Webb, MPA
City of Nevada 6,798 C 1994 Mr. Jordan Cook, MS
City of Newton 15,254 C 1983 Mr. Matthew Muckler
City of Nora Springs 1,431 C 1993 Ms. Deborah Gaul
City of North Liberty 13,374 C 1995 Mr. Ryan Heiar
City of Oelwein 6,415 C 1979 Mr. Dylan Mulfinger, MPA
City of Osceola 4,929 C 1986 Mr. Ty Wheeler, MPA
City of Oskaloosa 11,463 C 1977 Ms. Amy Miller
City of Ottumwa 25,023 G 1989 Mr. Philip Rath
City of Pella 10,352 G 1989 Mr. Mike Nardini
City of Pocahontas 1,789 G 1985 Mr. Eric List
City of Polk City 3,418 G 2006 Ms. Chelsea Huisman
City of Red Oak 5,742 G 1979 Mr. Brad Wright
City of Reinbeck 1,664 G 2000 Ms. Janet Slessor
City of Rock Rapids 2,549 G 1971 Mr. Jordan Kordahl
City of Rock Valley 3,354 G 1977 Mr. Tom Van Maanen
City of Sac City 2,220 G 1997 Mr. Jamie Lawrence, MPA
City of Sanborn 1,404 G 1979 Mr. James Zeutenhorst
City of Sheldon 5,188 C 1973 Mr. Sam Kooiker, MPA
City of Shenandoah 5,150 C 1946 Mr. James Davey
City of Sibley 2,798 C 1979 Ms. Kristen Vipond
City of Sioux Center 7,048 C 1966 Mr. Scott Wynja
City of Sioux City 82,684 C 1953 Mr. Robert Padmore
City of Spencer 11,233 G 1988 Mr. Dan Gifford, AICP, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Spirit Lake 4,840 C 1973 Mr. Gregg Owens
City of Storm Lake 10,600 C 1982 Ms. Keri Navratil, MPA
City of Story City 3,431 G 1975 Mr. Mark Jackson
City of Strawberry Point 1,279 C 1997 Mrs. Elizabeth Jaster
City of Urbandale 39,463 C 1965 Mr. AJ Johnson, MPA
City of Van Meter 1,016 G 2017 Ms. Sarah Ames, MPA
City of Waverly 9,874 C 1978 Mr. James Bronner
City of Webster City 8,070 C 1915 Mr. Daniel Ortiz-Hernandez, MPA
City of West Bend 785 G 1989 Ms. Lisa Sewell
City of West Burlington 2,968 C 1994 Mr. Greggory Mandsager, ICMA-CM, BA, JD
City of West Des Moines 56,609 C 1964 Mr. Thomas Hadden, MBA
City of West Liberty 3,736 C 1920 Mr. David Haugland, MPA
City of West Point 966 G 1978 Mr. Gary Menke
City of Wilton 2,802 G 1980 Mr. Jeffrey Horne
City of Windsor Heights 4,860 G 1979 Mr. Dennis Durham
County of Scott 165,224 G 1981 Mr. Mahesh Sharma, ICMA-CM, MPA, MS, PE
County of Woodbury 102,172 G 1989 Bernie Ketelsen
East Central Intergovernmental Association G 1983 Ms. Kelley Deutmeyer
Midas Council of Governments G 1978 Mr. Clifford Weldon
Siouxland Interstate Metropolitan Planning Council (SIMPCO) G 1969 Victoria Halloran
Southern Iowa Economic Developement Association G 1977
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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