Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Georgia

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
Athens-Clarke County Unified Government 115,452 G 1989 Mr. Blaine Williams
Atlanta Regional Commission G 1972 Mrs. Anna Roach, Esq.
Augusta-Richmond County Consolidated Government 200,549 G 1980 Mr. Charles Jackson
City of Acworth 20,425 G 1984 Mr. Brandon Douglas, MPA
City of Adel 5,334 C 1970 Mr. John Flythe
City of Albany 77,434 C 1924 Mr. Steven Carter, CGCIO, MBA
City of Alma 3,466 C 1967 Mr. James Crace, BS
City of Alpharetta 57,551 C 1986 Mr. Robert Regus
City of Americus 17,041 G 1991 Mrs. Diadra Powell, MBA
City of Atlanta 420,003 G 1969 Mr. Jon Keen
City of Austell 6,581 G 1990 Mr. Darrell Weaver, MPA
City of Avondale Estates 2,960 C 1927 Mr. William Bryant
City of Bainbridge 12,697 C 1965 Mr. Christopher Hobby, MPA
City of Barnesville 6,755 C 1988 David Rose
City of Baxley 4,400 C 1962 Reid Lovette
City of Blakely 5,068 G 1974 Ms. Melinda Crook
City of Bowdon 2,040 G 1976 Jimmy Meigs
City of Brookhaven 49,000 C 2018 Mr. Christian Sigman, ICMA-CM
City of Brunswick 15,383 C 1921 Mrs. Regina McDuffie
City of Buford 12,225 C 1939 Mr. Bryan Kerlin
City of Cairo 9,607 G 1990 Mr. Chris Addleton
City of Camilla 5,360 C 1971 Mr. Jimmy Douglas
City of Canton 22,958 C 1990 Mr. William Peppers, CPM, EDFP, ICMA-CM
City of Carrollton 24,388 C 1965 Mr. Patrick Eidson
City of Cartersville 19,731 C 1917 Mr. Daniel Porta, MPA
City of Cedartown 9,750 C 1938 Mr. William Fann
City of Chamblee 9,892 C 2009 Mr. Jonathan Walker, MPA
City of Chamblee 9,892 C 2009 Mr. Jonathan Walker, MPA
City of College Park 13,942 C 1958 Melissa Brooks
City of Colquitt 1,992 C 2009 Mr. Cory Thomas, ICMA-CM, CPM, MBA, CEM
City of Commerce 6,544 C 1986 James Wascher, MPA
City of Conyers 15,195 C 1971 Mr. Antony Lucas
City of Cordele 11,147 C 1923 Mrs. Angela Redding, MBA
City of Cornelia 4,160 C 1928 Mr. Donald Anderson, MPA
City of Covington 13,118 C 1962 Mr. Billy Bouchillon
City of Dallas 11,544 C 1958 Mr. Kendall Smith
City of Dawson 4,540 C 1974 Ms. Sheri Howard
City of Decatur 19,335 C 1921 Ms. Andrea Arnold
City of Douglas 11,589 C 1941 Mr. Charles Davis
City of Douglasville 30,961 C 1974 Ms. Marcia Hampton
City of Dublin 16,201 C 1962 Mr. Wayne Cain
City of Duluth 26,600 G 2000 Mr. James Riker
City of East Point 33,712 C 1975 Mr. Deron King, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Eastman 4,962 C 1922 Mr. Spencer Barron
City of Elberton 4,653 C 1954 Mr. Lanier Dunn, CPA
City of Fairburn 12,950 G 1975 Mr. Tony Phillips, CPM
City of Fayetteville 15,945 G 1987 Mr. Raymon Gibson, AICP
City of Fitzgerald 9,053 G 1980 Mr. Cam Jordan
City of Forest Park 18,468 C 1957 Dr. Marc-Antonie Cooper, ICMA-CM
City of Fort Oglethorpe 9,263 G 1986 Mr. Harold Silcox
City of Gainesville 33,804 C 1922 Ms. Melody Marlowe
City of Garden City 8,778 G 1983 Mrs. Clara Rouse
City of Griffin 23,643 C 1918 Mrs. Jessica O'Connor, JD
City of Hawkinsville 4,589 C 1941 Ms. Evelyn Herrington
City of Helen 510 G 1986 Mr. Jerry Elkins
City of Hinesville 33,437 G 1986 Mr. Kenneth Howard
City of Hogansville 3,060 C 1975 Mr. Jonathan Lynn, ICMA-CM, MPA, CPM
City of Jefferson 9,432 C 2009 Ms. Priscilla Murphy, ICMA-CM
City of Jesup 10,214 C 1955 Mr. Mike Deal
City of Kingsland 15,946 G 1987 Mr. Lee Spell
City of LaFayette 7,121 C 1959 David Hamilton
City of LaGrange 29,588 C 1950 Ms. Margaret Kelsey
City of Manchester 4,230 C 1924 Ms. Nancy Thompson
City of Marietta 56,579 C 1964 Mr. William Bruton
City of Monroe 13,234 G 2002 Mr. Hugh Worley
City of Morrow 6,445 C 1973 Ms. Sylvia Redic
City of Moultrie 14,268 C 1937 Mr. Gary McDaniel
City of Newnan 33,039 C 1960 Mr. Cleatus Phillips
City of Peachtree City 34,364 G 1985 Mr. Justin Strickland, MA, BA, CGFO, MPA
City of Pelham 3,898 G 1977 Mr. Joe Palmer
City of Powder Springs 13,940 C 1991 Mrs. Pamela Conner
City of Quitman 3,850 C 1922
City of Rincon 8,836 C 1987 Ms. Wanda Hendrix
City of Riverdale 15,134 C 1970 Mr. E. Wood
City of Rockmart 4,199 C 1974 Mr. Jeffery Ellis
City of Rome 36,303 C 1919 Mr. Sammy Rich
City of Roswell 88,346 G 1973 Mr. Randy Knighton, AICP, ICMA-CM
City of Savannah 136,286 C 1954 Jay Melder
City of Smyrna 51,271 G 1986 Mr. Joseph Bennett
City of Social Circle 4,262 C 1997 Mr. Eric Taylor
City of St. Marys 17,121 G 1984 Mr. Robert Horton
City of Statesboro 28,422 C 1995 Mr. Charles Penny, MPA
City of Stone Mountain 5,802 G 2001 Mrs. ChaQuias Miller-Thornton, CPM, CFO, MPA Candidate, BA, CEA, CEO
City of Sugar Hill 18,522 G 1985 Mr. Paul Radford
City of Sylvania 2,956 C 1963 Ms. Stacy Mathis
City of Sylvester 6,188 C 2017 Mr. Autron Hayes
City of Thomaston 9,170 C 1962 Mr. Russell Thompson
City of Thomasville 18,413 C 1944 Ms. Kha Thomas-Williams
City of Tifton 16,350 C 1921 Mr. Larry Riner
City of Toccoa 8,491 C 1932 Mr. William Morse
City of Union City 19,456 G 1990 Ms. Sonja Fillingame, BA, MPA
City of Valdosta 54,518 C 1958 Mr. Mark Barber
City of Vidalia 10,473 C 1968 Mr. Nicholas Overstreet
City of Villa Rica 13,956 G 1974 Ms. Jane Chastain
City of Waycross 14,649 C 1923 Mr. Larry Gattis
City of Woodbine 1,412 G 1982 Ms. Sandra Rayson
City of Woodstock 23,896 C 1996 Mr. Jeffrey Moon
Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center G 1979 Allen Burns
Columbus-Muscogee Consolidated Government 189,885 C 1922 Mr. Isaiah Hugley
County of Bulloch 70,217 C 1993 Mr. Thomas Couch, AICP, ICMA-CM
County of Camden 50,513 C 1980 Mr. Steve Howard, ICMA-CM, CPPB, MPA, CPM, CPPO
County of Chatham 265,128 C 1987 Mr. William Smith
County of Cherokee 214,346 C 1992 Ms. Sheila Corbin
County of Clay 3,183 C 2003 Mr. James Crozier
County of Coffee 42,356 C 2002 Mrs. Joann Metts
County of Colquitt 45,498 C 1974 Mr. Bryan Shuler
County of Cook 17,212 C 1991 Ms. Faye Hughes
County of Coweta 127,317 G 1975 Mr. Michael Fouts
County of Dawson 22,330 C 2008 Mr. David Headley
County of Dougherty 94,565 C 1965 Mr. Michael McCoy, MPA
County of Douglas 132,403 C 1991 Tiffany Stewart-Stanley, Esq.
County of Fayette 106,567 C 1986 Mr. Steven Rapson
County of Floyd 96,317 C 1987 Mr. Jamie McCord
County of Fulton 920,581 C 1947 Mr. Richard Anderson
County of Glynn 79,626 C 1958 Mr. William Fallon
County of Glynn 79,626 C 1958 Mr. William Fallon
County of Gordon 55,186 G 1978 Ms. Annette Berry
County of Gwinnett 805,321 C 1988 Mr. Glenn Stephens
County of Hall 179,684 C 1969 Mr. Marty Nix
County of Henry 203,922 C 1982 Ms. Cheri Hobson-Matthews
County of Lowndes 109,233 C 1978 Mr. Joseph Pritchard
County of Macon-Bibb 91,351 G 1976 Dr. Keith Moffett, Ph.D.
County of Screven 14,593 C 1991 Mr. Rick Jordan
County of Spalding 64,073 G 1976 Mr. James Stewart
County of Thomas 44,720 C 1980 Mr. Michael Stephenson
County of Troup 67,044 C 1975 Mr. Tod Tentler
County of Upson 27,153 C 2007 Mr. William Tinsley, MPA
County of Ware 36,312 C 1990 Mr. Scott Moye, MPA
County of Wayne 30,099 C 1963 Mr. John Carter
Middle Georgia Regional Commission G 1977 Mr. Ralph Nix
Southern Georgia Regional Commission G 1977
Town of Thunderbolt 2,668 G 1988 Mr. Robert Milie, MPA
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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