Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Colorado

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
City and County of Broomfield 55,889 C 1963 Mrs. Jennifer Hoffman, MPA
City of Alamosa 8,780 C 1952 Ms. Heather Brooks, ICMA-CM, MPA
City of Arvada 106,433 C 1955 Mr. Mark Deven
City of Aspen 6,658 C 1960 Mrs. Sara Ott, ICMA-CM
City of Aurora 325,078 C 1953 Mr. James Twombly
City of Boulder 97,385 C 1918 Ms. Nuria McMahon
City of Brighton 33,352 C 1962 Michael Martinez, CMA
City of Brush 5,463 G 1977 Mr. Monty Torres, ICMA-CM
City of Canon City 16,400 C 1947 Mr. Ryan Stevens, MBA, MS
City of Centennial 100,377 C 2013 Mr. Matthew Sturgeon
City of Central City 663 C 2001 Mr. Daniel Miera, MPA, ICMA-CM
City of Cherry Hills Village 5,987 G 1979 Mr. Jim Thorsen
City of Colorado Springs 416,427 C 1921
City of Commerce City 45,913 C 1971 Mr. Roger Tinklenberg, MPA
City of Cortez 8,482 C 1971 Mr. John Dougherty, BA, MA
City of Craig 9,464 C 1981 Mr. David Costa
City of Delta 8,915 C 1952 Elyse Casselberry
City of Durango 16,887 C 1915 Mr. Jose Madrigal
City of Englewood 30,255 C 1951 Mr. Shawn Lewis
City of Evans 18,537 C 1974 Mr. J. Robb
City of Florence 3,881 C 1951 Mr. Michael Patterson, MPA
City of Fort Collins 143,986 C 1939 Mr. Tyler Marr, MPA
City of Fountain 25,846 C 1981 Mr. Scott Trainor
City of Fruita 12,646 G 1979 Mr. Michael Bennett, MPA
City of Glendale 4,184 C 1963 Ms. Linda Cassaday
City of Glenwood Springs 9,614 C 1948 Ms. Debra Figueroa, MA
City of Golden 18,867 C 1948 Mr. Jason Slowinski
City of Grand Junction 58,566 C 1922 Mr. Greg Caton, ICMA-CM
City of Greeley 92,889 C 1951 Mr. Raymond Lee, MPA
City of Greenwood Village 13,925 G 1977 Mr. John Jackson
City of Gunnison 5,854 C 1962 Mr. Russell Forrest, AICP
City of La Junta 7,077 C 1948 Mr. Richard Klein
City of Lafayette 24,453 C 1962 Mr. Fritz Sprague
City of Lakewood 142,980 C 1979 Ms. Kathleen Hodgson
City of Lamar 7,804 C 1994 Mr. Stephen Kil, BS
City of Littleton 41,737 C 1957 Mr. James Becklenberg
City of Lone Tree 10,218 C 2014 Mr. Seth Hoffman
City of Longmont 86,270 C 1960 Mr. Harold Dominguez, MPA
City of Louisville 18,376 C 1964 Megan Davis, MPA
City of Loveland 66,859 C 1963 Mr. Stephen Adams, PE
City of Manitou Springs 4,992 C 1970 Denise Howell
City of Monte Vista 4,444 C 1922 Mr. Randy Martinez
City of Montrose 19,132 C 1914 Mr. William Bell, MPA
City of Northglenn 35,789 C 1971 Ms. Heather Geyer, MA
City of Pueblo 106,595 C 1950 Ms. Laura Solano
City of Rifle 9,172 C 1963 Mr. Scott Hahn, MPA
City of Steamboat Springs 12,088 C 1973 Mr. Gary Suiter
City of Sterling 14,777 C 1951 Mr. James Allen
City of Thornton 118,772 C 1962 Mr. Robb Kolstad
City of Trinidad 9,096 C 1948 Mrs. Lydia Shea
City of Westminster 106,114 C 1958 Mr. Chris Lindsey
City of Wheat Ridge 30,166 C 2000 Mr. Patrick Goff, MPA
City of Woodland Park 7,200 C 1973 Mr. Michael Lawson, MPA
City of Wray 2,342 C 1950 James DePue
City of Yuma 3,524 G 1970 Mr. Martin Smart
County of Douglas 285,465 C 1986 Mr. Douglas DeBord
County of Eagle 52,197 C 2001 Mr. Jeffrey Shroll
County of Grand 14,843 C 1974 Ms. Sara Rosene
County of Gunnison 15,324 C 1985 Mr. Matthew Birnie, MS, ICMA-CM
County of Jefferson 534,543 G 1994 Mr. Donald Davis, MPA
County of La Plata 51,334 G 1985 Mr. Chuck Stevens
County of Lake 7,310 C 1999 Mr. Tim Bergman, MPP
County of Larimer 299,630 G 2000 Lorenda Volker, MPA
County of Mesa 146,723 C 1981 Mr. Peter Baier, PE
County of Pitkin 17,148 C 1990 Mr. Jon Peacock
County of Pueblo 159,063 G 2021 Ms. Sabina Genesio, MBA
County of Routt 23,509 G 2002 Mr. Jay Harrington
County of Summit 27,994 C 1975 Mr. Scott Vargo
Denver Regional Council of Governments G 1969 Ms. Jennifer Schaufele
Northwest Colorado Council of Governments 73,000 G 1990
Pueblo West Metropolitan District 29,637 G 2019 Nina Vetter
Town of Avon 6,447 C 1982 Mr. Eric Heil, JD
Town of Basalt 3,857 C 2014 Mr. Ryan Mahoney
Town of Bayfield 2,333 G 1998 Ms. Kathleen Sickles, MPA
Town of Breckenridge 4,540 C 1978 Mr. Rick Holman
Town of Buena Vista 2,617 G 1982 Mrs. Diane Spomer
Town of Carbondale 6,427 C 1975 Ms. Lauren Gister
Town of Castle Rock 48,231 C 1980 Mr. David Corliss
Town of Crested Butte 1,487 C 1981 Ms. Eileen Hughes
Town of Del Norte 1,686 C 1970 Ms. Bernadette Martinez
Town of Eagle 6,508 C 1977 Ms. Brandy Reitter, MPA
Town of Frederick 8,679 C 2006 Mr. Bryan Ostler
Town of Frisco 2,683 C 1989 Mr. Jeffrey Durbin, ICMA-CM
Town of Hayden 1,810 C 1982 Mr. Mathew Mendisco
Town of Julesburg 1,225 C 1951 Mr. Allen Coyne
Town of Limon 1,880 C 1973 Mr. Dave Stone
Town of Meeker 2,475 C 1977 Mr. Dickie Walton
Town of Milliken 5,610 G 2001 Ms. Gayle Martinez
Town of Minturn 1,027 C 1999 Mrs. Carrie Kendall
Town of Morrison 428 G 1986 Ms. Kara Winters
Town of Nederland 1,445 G 2007 Ms. Miranda Fisher, MPA
Town of Pagosa Springs 1,727 C 1990 Mrs. Andrea Phillips, ICMA-CM, MCRP, MA
Town of Palisade 2,692 G 1990 Mr. Richard Sales
Town of Parker 45,297 C 1997 Ms. Michelle Kivela
Town of Rangely 2,365 G 1977 Mr. Peter Brixius
Town of Silverthorne 3,887 G 1980 Mr. Ryan Hyland, MBA
Town of Snowmass Village 2,826 C 1993 Mr. Clinton Kinney
Town of Superior 12,483 C 1995 Mr. Matthew Magley, ICMA-CM
Town of Telluride 2,325 C 1981 Ms. Mary Schillaci
Town of Vail 5,305 C 1970 Ms. Patty McKenny
Town of Wellington 6,289 C 1999 Ms. Patti Garcia, CMC
Town of Windsor 18,644 C 1974 Mr. Shane Hale, MA, ICMA-CM
Town of Winter Park 999 C 1983 Mr. Keith Riesberg
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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