Directory of ICMA-Recognized Local Governments for Alaska

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Local Government Population Form of Recognition Year of Recognition Chief Administrative Officer
Borough of Bristol Bay 997 C 1971 Mr. John Fulton
Borough of Fairbanks North Star 97,581 G 1977 Mr. Jim Williams, MBA, ICMA-CM
Borough of Haines 2,508 G 1990 Ms. Debra Schnabel, MPA
Borough of Ketchikan Gateway 13,477 C 1974 Mr. Ruben Duran
Borough of Matanuska Susitna 88,995 C 1972 Mr. Michael Brown
City & Borough of Juneau 31,275 G 1990 Mr. Duncan Watt, PE
City and Borough of Sitka 8,881 G 1972 Mr. John Leach
City and Borough of Wrangell 2,369 C 1969 Mr. Jeffrey Good, PE, PMP, CFM
City and Borough of Yakutat 808 C 1988 Ms. Catherine Bremner
City of Barrow 4,212 C 1981 Ms. Gwen Edwardson
City of Bethel 6,080 C 1977 Ms. Lori Strickler, CMC
City of Cordova 2,239 C 1953 Ms. Helen Howarth
City of Dillingham 2,329 C 1970 Mr. Mark Lynch, MPA
City of Fort Yukon 583 C 1979 Mr. David Richards
City of Galena 470 C 1981 Shanda Huntington
City of Homer 5,003 C 1966 Mr. Robert Dumouchel, MS, IPMA-CP
City of Kenai 7,100 C 1965 Mr. Paul Ostrander
City of Ketchikan 8,050 C 1948 Mr. Karl Amylon
City of Kodiak 6,130 C 1953 Mr. Mike Tvenge
City of Kotzebue 3,201 C 1973 Mr. Derek Martin
City of Mountain Village 813 G 1983 Ms. Melanie Dela Rosa
City of Nome 3,598 C 1965 Mr. Glenn Steckman
City of Palmer 5,937 C 1962 Mr. John Moosey
City of Petersburg 2,948 C 1960 Mr. Dale Stone
City of Seldovia 255 C 1967 Ms. Rachel Friedlander
City of Seward 2,693 C 1953 Mrs. Janette Bower, ICMA-CM
City of Soldotna 4,163 C 1987 Ms. Stephanie Queen, AICP
City of St. Mary's 507 C 1980 Ms. Geraldine Sparks
City of Unalaska 4,376 G 1985 Mrs. Michelle Price, BA
City of Valdez 3,976 C 1964 Mr. Mark Detter
City of Whittier 220 C 1991 Mr. James Hunt
Kodiak Island Borough 13,592 G 1983 Roxanne Murphy, MPA
Municipality of Anchorage 291,826 G 1976 Ms. Barbara Gruenstein
Municipality of Skagway Borough 968 G 1978 Leola Mauldin
Population based on 2011 Census.
C = Council Manager Position    G = General Management Position
Chief Administrative Officers with linked names are ICMA members

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