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Corporater, Inc.
44 Merrimac ST
Newburyport, MA 01950-2574

800 670 8942

Modern data analytics tools and data dashboards provide excellent visualization of data to support decision-making, but then what? How do you connect the dots to ensure that the resultant actions are coordinated and that results are connected, achieved, and communicated? Successful organizations know that there is a critical connectivity between strategy management frameworks (such as strategy maps and balanced scorecards) and program management, risk management, process improvement, quality management, citizen feedback, projects, and portfolio management, as well as a need to offer transparency to the public. Can You See and Communicate the Complete Story? The Corporater Strategy Management Solution not only helps you analyze your data and external benchmarks to understand critical issues facing your city or county, but visualizes these issues in context of the overall organization and strategy, placing you in control as you plan and execute coordinated actions to achieve your desired outcomes.

Strategic Partner Primary Contact
Marketing Manager, the Americas