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National Civic League
6000 E. Evans Avenue, #3-012
Denver, CO 80222

(303) 571-4343
(303) 571-4404

The mission of National Civic League is to advance civic engagement to create inclusive, thriving communities. Since its founding in 1894, the League has been instrumental in efforts to help local governments be more open, accountable and effective. The National Civic League provides unique opportunities for people to transform their communities through our civic engagement tools and resources, All-America City Awards (AAC), racial equity programs and quarterly National Civic Review. The League collaborates with groups like ICMA to help cities achieve environmental and fiscal sustainability, Resources available from the League include our civic index, model city charter, a “meeting-in-a-box” toolkit, innovation database and customized technical assistance. The League works by forming strategic partnerships with local governments, nonprofit organizations, and others and by fully engaging those in the League’s network, particularly its members and the more than 500 All-America Cities.

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