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Center For Public Safety Management, LLC, Washington,DC

475 K Street, NW, Suite 702

Washington, DC 20001

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The Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM) is a private consulting and training firm specializing in public safety. The organization is the exclusive provider of public safety technical assistance for ICMA. In most local governments, the provision of police, fire, and emergency medical services consumes the largest portion of the operating budget. When facing the difficult task of balancing the needs of other services against the rising cost of public safety, it is critical that choices are made based upon the best possible information. CPSM offers the assistance local governments need to make those data-driven decisions. It follows a standardized approach to conducting analyses of fire, police, EMS, and public safety departments developed by its highly experienced subject matter experts with more than 100 years of experience as researchers and practitioners. CPSM can help you forensically analyze your operations to determine how to effectively, efficiently, and safely deploy your resources. CPSM content published on
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