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Zencity is ICMA’s preferred provider for Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven data analytics and sentiment analysis. Zencity is reinventing the way cities are making decisions. Our AI-driven platform helps local governments translate what people want in their cities more effectively and eliminates the guesswork from policymaking. With close-to-zero integration, we gather and analyze millions of data points from multiple online and offline resident interactions. Then we deliver reliable, real-time insights that help local governments better prioritize resources, track performance and connect with their communities. Together with our partner-cities, we’re setting a new standard for performance management in local government. The Product Specifically designed as an intuitive tool for local governments, Zencity uses advanced Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to automatically gather data from multiple sources where residents interact with their city. The platform then categorizes the data by department and analyzes the resident sentiment, transforming otherwise unstructured data into valuable, quantitative metrics that enable better performance management. With minimal setup, negligible time and effort, and low management overhead - Zencity integrates rapidly, while seamlessly pulling data from existing platforms and a multitude of open-data sources - often containing hundreds of previously unexplored data channels. This enables local governments to more intelligently support impactful, long-term planning. On top of that, we alert about trends as they emerge, enabling city leaders to maximize proactivity and stay ahead of crises. Our dedicated team of analysts is on board to assist local government agencies and city department heads seeking a more personalized, hands-on solution.

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