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University of Nebraska At Omaha

6001 Dodge ST, CPACS 111

Omaha, NE 68182-1102

General Description

School of Public Administration, Masters in Public Administration, Masters in Urban Studies, Undergraduate minor in Cross-Sector Collaborative Leadership

Areas of Research

Aging, CAO Resources, Citizen & Resident Surveys, Civic Education, Code of Ethics, Community Engagement, Council-Manager Relations, Economic Development, Emergencies & Disasters, Equity & Inclusion, Ethics, Finance & Budgeting, Fire & EMS, Food Security, Form of Government, Human Resources, Leadership, Management, Performance Management , Public Policy, Shared Service Delivery, Strategic Planning

Other Programs Offered

Certificate in Public Management; Certificate in Public Financial Management; Certificate in Fundraising; Masters in Urban Studies; Emergency Management and Disaster Science

Type or Delivery Method Available

Both Traditional and Online
Grad School Primary Contact

Craig Maher

(402) 554-3204