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The College at Brockport, SUNY

55 Saint Paul ST

Rochester, NY 14604-1314

(585) 395-8000

General Description

The Master of Public Administration is a unique 39-credit program for professional study in management and leadership for public service accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration. Among our emphases is a Public Management program that prepares students for work in local governments. The program is the Secretariat for the New York State City County Management Association and, as such, has networking opportunities for students to meet with New York State Managers on numerous occasions each year. In their public management courses students are paired with managers to better understand real problems managers face in their jobs each day. Graduates work in diverse settings including government entities, nonprofit organizations, or other public sector organizations. Students in the Public Management emphasis take the common core courses, the emphasis courses, and two electives totaling 13 courses or 39 credits. Students can complete the program in person or 100% online. Common Core: 8 Courses (24 credits): PAD 541 Foundations of Public Administration PAD 640 Financial Management PAD 663 Leadership Roundtable PAD 680 Public Policy PAD 682 Organizational Behavior PAD 685 Human Resource Management PAD 688 Research and Program Evaluation PAD 696 Portfolio Seminar or PAD 694 Internship Experience Public Management Emphasis: 3 Courses (9 Credits): PAD 605 Local Government Management PAD 626 Managing Public Services PAD 683 Intergovernmental Relations Additional emphases and electives include: Health Care Management Emphasis: 3 Courses (9 credits) PAD 513 Health Care in America PAD 615 Strategic Management for Health Care Organizations PAD 677 Special Topics in Health Care Nonprofit Management Emphasis: 3 Courses (9 credits) PAD 546 Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector PAD 678 Nonprofit Management PAD 637 Marketing for Public Service Organizations Public Safety Management Emphasis: 3 Courses (9 credits) PAD 617 Disaster Recovery PAD 639 Cybersecurity for Public Managers PAD 652 Emergency Management Poverty Studies Emphasis: 3 Courses (9 credits) PAD 512 Poverty Alleviation PAD 603 Social Policy in Action PAD 623 Organizational Capacity Building Electives: Ethics, Negotiation Management, Grant Writing, Empowered Organizations, and special topics based on current events.

Areas of Research

Code of Ethics, Community Diversity, Community Engagement, Contracts, Council-Manager Relations, Cybersecurity, Emergencies & Disasters, Equity & Inclusion, Ethics, Finance & Budgeting, Form of Government, Healthy Living, Human Resources, Leadership, Management, Next Generation of Managers, Organizational Development, Partnerships, Performance Management , Police, Process Improvement, Public Health, Public Policy, Public Safety, Strategic Planning

Other Programs Offered

Our MPA has 5 emphasis: Public Management, Healthcare Management, Nonprofit Management, Public Safety Management, and Poverty Studies. We also offer a Certificate of Advanced Study in Nonprofit Studies.

Type or Delivery Method Available

Both Traditional and Online
Grad School Primary Contact

Ceclia Watt

(585) 395-5568