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Engaging Your Citizens Using Social Media (e-Document), [PDF]

Engaging Your Citizens Using Social Media (e-Document), [PDF]

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Quick Overview
This InFocus report highlights how local governments are using social media tools to drive civic engagement and how to develop a custom electronic communications program. ...
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Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Flickr. The communications landscape offers so many civic engagement vehicles that your head will spin. And there are more on the horizon. Many more.
So how does a local government manager keep up with it all? There is no standard electronic communications program, because each plan depends on factors such as community size, available resources, staffing levels, skills, and any challenges particular to the jurisdiction and its residents.
This InFocus Report takes a look at how advances in technology have changed the way in which local governments interact with residents. It explores what civic engagement looks like today, guides local government managers through a series of ten steps to help develop an improved electronic communications program that will bring about a higher level of civic engagement.
Download this InFocus Report to learn
  • The evolution of communication technology and the impact of these changes on civic engagement
  • New social media tools and how local governments can use them
  • How to develop a custom electronic communications program.
About the Author:
Jerry Schulz is a vice president with Voorhees Associates of Deerfield, Illinois. He has over thirty-four years of experience in information technology management and analysis. Schulz has held information technology management positions with several local governments including the Milwaukee Public Schools (2007 to 2012) and Waukesha County, Wisconsin (1993 to 1999). He is the author of two previous ICMA publications, Information Technology for Local Government: A Practical Guide for Managers (2001) and the IQ Report, Broadband Access: Local Government Roles (2004). Schulz also serves as an adjunct faculty member at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis School of Public and Environmental Affairs, where he teaches courses on the use of technology in the public sector.
(2013, vol. 45, no. 4)

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