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ICMA University Forums

ICMA University Forums are a hybrid of the traditional conference educational sessions and the ICMA University workshops. Because they are designed to be highly interactive and skill building in nature, the forums are limited in enrollment to 250 participants. Although there is no fee to participate in a forum beyond the main conference registration fee, preregistration is required because of the ceiling on enrollment, and early registration is recommended. ICMA University Practice Group numbers are attributed to each forum.

Escape the Room: Your Toughest Problems Solved

Sunday, September 23 12:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Do you have a unique or challenging problem for which you can’t find a solution? You’re in luck! ICMA members and vendors will submit problems that they would like to get solved. ICMA staff and Planning Committee members will narrow it down to 10 topics. Participants will then join one of the 10 topic areas and have 75 minutes to come up with a solution to be shared with the room. 6

Forum Leader: Patrick Banger, Town Manager, Town of Gilbert, Gilbert, AZ
Forum Leader: Craig Owens, City Manager, City of Clayton, Clayton, MO

Integrating Technology into Sustainability Practices for Smarter, More Resilient Communities

Sunday, September 23 12:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Communities of all sizes and demographics can use technology to advance their sustainability and resiliency goals. Participants in this forum will receive tools, resources, and case studies that demonstrate how communities can harness existing technology and open-source data to ensure more efficient, environmentally conscious, and responsive services for residents.  8  [2.0 AICP-CM credits]
Forum Leader: Cori Burbach, assistant city manager, Dubuque, Iowa

Forum Leader: Cori Burbach, Assistant City Manager, City of Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
Session Leader: Chantal Gaines, Assistant to the City Manager, City of Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
Speaker: Kevin Hall, Assistant City Manager, City of Durango, Durango, CO
Forum Leader: Robert Phocas, Director of Sustainability, City of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

Reducing Timidity, Maintaining Civility, and Improving Trust through Local Government--Run Social Media and Online Engagement

Sunday, September 23 12:45 PM - 2:45 PMSold Out

Negativity, rumors, fake news, misrepresented real news, and personal attacks aired on social media spread like a virus infecting the good will that local governments try to promote through their communications. But the dangers of unmanaged electronic conversations can be mitigated. In this forum, participants will learn how the effective use ofwords, images, and videos for social media communications and online engagement can help communities promote transparency, collaboration, interaction, and broader participation while mitigating the legal, ethical, professional, and personal vulnerabilities associated with extreme openness. 14
Forum Leaders: Thomas Bryer, PhD, professor, School of Public Administration, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida; Amanda Nagl, engagement manager, Bang the Table, Windsor, Colorado; and Sarah Stoeckel, PhD candidate, University of Central Florida, and city councilmember, Titusville, Florida

Forum Leader: Thomas Bryer, Professor, University of Central Florida
Forum Leader: Amanda Nagl, Engagement Manager, Bang the Table, Windsor, CO
Forum Leader: Sarah Stoeckel, Student, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

The Stat Model for Data-Driven Management

Sunday, September 23 12:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Since 2013, performance management (or “Stat”) practitioners from city and county governments from across the National Capital Region and beyond have been meeting twice a year under the banner of Mid-Atlantic StatNet (MASN). Baltimore’s CityStat program was one of the first in the country to adopt group data analysis with rigorous follow-up. That approach has since inspired a regional MASN as well. Join us to explore implementation, roadblocks, and efforts toward continuous improvement. 8
Forum Leaders: David Gottesman, CountyStat manager, Montgomery County, Maryland; and Kendra Parlock, director, Mayor’s Office of Sustainable Solutions, Baltimore, Maryland

Forum Leader: David Gottesman, CountyStat Manager, County of Montgomery, Rockville, MD
Forum Leader: Andrew Kleine, Chief Administrative Officer, County of Montgomery, Baltimore, MD
Forum Leader: Ekua Malonde, Deputy Director of Mayor’s Office of Sustainable Solutions/CitiStatSMART, City of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
Forum Leader: Kendra Parlock, Director, Mayor's Office of Sustainable Solutions, City of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD

Game of Floods

Wednesday, September 26 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

The Game of Floods is an interactive exercise to help participants understand the process of conducting a vulnerability and risk assessment and think about strategies to protect city assets from existing and future flooding. The game is played in a series of steps and integrated into a presentation. Attendees progress through the steps from climate science, to asset inventory, to vulnerability, risk, and adaptation planning.
The game focuses on one impact (flooding) within two sectors: transportation and storm-water management. It comes with a toolkit that local governments can use to train their own staff in ways to promote climate adaptation and resilience. The toolkit includes real-world examples gathered from cities and partners, and customizable template training materials that embed equity and climate justice principles and can be used both by existing city staff and in collaboration with city colleagues. 8  [1.5 AICP-CM credits]
Forum Leader: Kristin Baja,climate resilience officer, Urban Sustainability Directors Network, Baltimore, Maryland

Forum Leader: Kristin Baja, Climate Resilience Officer, Urban Sustainability Directors Network, Baltimore, MD
Forum Leader: Sarah McKinstry-Wu, Strategic Projects Manager, Urban Sustainability Directors Network, Baltimore, MD
Forum Leader: Rupal Prasad, Programs Coordinator, Urban Sustainability Directors Network, Baltimore, MD

It Wasn’t Easy, but I Did It Anyway

Wednesday, September 26 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

This forum is an opportunity to celebrate women in the profession who have not only earned the respect and recognition of their peers by achieving the role of CAO but also have been selected as their community’s first female manager. These groundbreakers can help local government professionals recognize and understand the backgrounds, accomplishments, and obstacles that women face on their way to achieving their professional goals. Come join the conversation! 3
Forum Leaders: Randy Reid, southeast regional director, ICMA, Gainesville, Florida, (facilitator); Elizabeth Dragon, city manager, Keene, New Hampshire; Gina Holt, city manager, Springfield, Tennessee; Margie Rose, city manager, Corpus Christi, Texas; Julie Underwood, city manager, Mercer Island, Washington; and Christina Volkers, city manager, Moorhead, Minnesota

Forum Leader: Gretchen DiFante, City Manager, City of Pelham, Pelham, AL
Forum Leader: Elizabeth Dragon, City Manager, City of Keene, Keene, NH
Forum Leader: Sabra Newby, City Manager, City of Reno, Reno, NV
Forum Leader: Randall Reid, ICMA's Southeast Regional Director , ICMA, Gainesville, FL
Forum Leader: Christina Volkers, City Manager, City of Moorhead, Moorhead, MN

Toolkit for Difficult Conversations in Your Community

Wednesday, September 26 11:15 AM - 12:45 PMSold Out

Conversations about social equity and inclusion are crucial, but they can sometimes be difficult. With roots in historical inequities, these issues are influenced today by broader economic injustices. Responses must be comprehensive and multifaceted. Participants in this forum will work with experienced facilitators to develop dialogue skills and gain insights for conducting successful community conversations. This process can be used for a wide range of other topics as well, such as creating a safe workplace, budgeting, and land use development. 3
Forum Leaders: Erricka Bridgeford, training director, and Lorig Charkoudian, PhD, executive director, Community Mediation Maryland, Takoma Park, Maryland

Forum Leader: Dawn Ashbacher, Sustainability Program Manager , County of Frederick, Frederick, MD
Forum Leader: Erricka Bridgeford, Training Director, Community Mediation Maryland, Takoma Park, MD
Forum Leader: Lorig Charkoudian, Executive Director, Community Mediation Maryland, Takoma Park, MD

ICMA and the 2018 Conference Host Committee appreciate the support of this year's conference contributors, especially Principal Sponsor ICMA-RC, and Diamond Sponsor Cigna.