Regent University Student Chapter

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Southeast, United states

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Regent University’s ICMA chapter reinforces the MPA program’s and the larger university’s emphasis on servant leadership to promote excellence of character and competency, the essential elements for success in today’s complex governmental environment. The goals of the chapter are to introduce and integrate students into local government and foster a strong commitment to servant leadership. The chapter greatly benefits from its association with two past presidents of ICMA, Ed Daley and Sam Gaston, both serving with distinction as Practitioner’s in Residence in the MPA program.

Chapter Roster

Alphabetically, A-Z
  • Asbenson Cordell
  • Babb Michael Karl James
  • Berke Jacob
  • Booth Ann
  • Bowers Jackie Lim
  • Chineme-Ugwu Lilian Uchenna
  • Cox Sheena
  • Dentel Nicole
  • Djaha koffi Jean Narcisse
  • Estrada Cardona Angel Omar
  • Fishback Jerrod
  • Gaston Sam S.
  • Gatling-Way Monique
  • Gonzalez Consuelo
  • Hall Tina
  • Harris Oliver
  • Harris Tiffany Rochelle
  • Henning Stefan
  • Herrera Autumn
  • Heyward Amber A
  • Hill Mavis COLLEEN
  • Hodges Robin
  • Kazeem Abiola
  • Keltner Samuel
  • Khamala Sheila Neema
  • Killian Joshua
  • King Amanda
  • Lambdin James
  • Lokey Kevin A
  • Morelan Andrew
  • Nesmith Rachel
  • OHara Brian
  • Peck Asher
  • Reimer Shelley
  • Riley Kristen J.
  • Roberts Gary
  • Rodriguez Bonnie M
  • Savage Troy
  • Simmons Taniesha
  • Smith Travis
  • Taylor Martha
  • Taylor Patricia
  • Thomas Sonya
  • Thompson Jermaine
  • Winkelman Gonzalez Lisa
  • Wolf Kenneth George
  • Wolf Kenneth George
  • Yates Jeffrey
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