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Structuring Retirement Benefits to Support Talent Management

Monday, September 24 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Compensation, a key component of talent managementhas many facets. While the talent that local governments seek to attract and retain will naturally tend to gravitate toward salary, benefits play an important role, especially at a time of tight labor markets and limited government resources. Local governments need to balance the funding not just of defined benefit plans that either they or their state sponsors, but also of retiree health benefits under the new accounting standards that will apply to most local government balance sheets this fall.Moreover, employees have access to various levels of pension benefits and differ in the values they place on the importance of portable supplemental deferred compensation plans. This session will discuss actionable alternatives to consider when designing a multifaceted retirement program that addresses these challenges.

Speaker: Alex Brown, Research Manager, National Association of State Retirement Admininstrators, Washington, DC
Speaker: Joshua Franzel, President/CEO, ICMA, Washington, DC
Session Leader: Catherine Leggett, SVP, Human Resources, ICMA-RC, Washington, DC
Speaker: John Saeli, MVP, Strategy Development and Implementation, ICMA-RC, Washington, DC

Managing Your Investments in a Period of Global Political Transition

Tuesday, September 25 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

While political uncertainty doesn’t necessarily translate into increased market volatility, the unknown effects of recently executed and impending policy on trade, interest rates (i.e. Federal Reserve leadership), regulatory relaxation and corporate tax reform have investors looking more intently at the dimensions of asset allocation within individual portfolios as well as their defined benefit and defined contribution programs. Please join ICMA-RC’s Chief Investment Officer and a panel of experts to learn how they view the current investment landscape and how they are managing portfolios in 2018 and beyond. 18

Speaker: Chris Dillon, CFA, Investment Specialist, T. Rowe Price, Baltimore, MD
Speaker: Adam Farstrup, Product Manager, Schroder Investment Management North America, Inc., New York, NY
Session Leader: Wayne Wicker, Senior Vice President & Chief Investment Officer, ICMA-RC, Washington, DC

ICMA and the 2018 Conference Host Committee appreciate the support of this year's conference contributors, especially Principal Sponsor ICMA-RC, and Diamond Sponsor Cigna.