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Public Libraries 2016, [Zip File]

Public Libraries 2016, [Zip File]

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This survey explores how local government leaders are leveraging public libraries to advance community goals and to better engage, inform, and empower residents. ...
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In partnership with the Aspen Institute and the Public Libraries Association, ICMA conducted a nationwide
survey in the spring of 2016 focused on the evolving role of public libraries in advancing community goals. The focus of this research was to understand how public libraries can be leveraged to advance community goals and how government agencies can partner with library leaders to better engage, inform, and empower residents. The survey was conducted as part of the Aspen Institute’s Dialogue on Public Libraries, and in follow-up to ICMA’s 2010 Public Library Initiative Survey.  The survey was sent on paper via postal mail to the chief administrative officers of 9,675 local governments, and an online submission option was also made available. The sampling frame for the survey included all local governments with a public library or a library branch within their boundaries. Responses were received from 1,927 of the governments surveyed.

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