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LGR: Local Government Review Special Section [Dec 2016], [PDF]

LGR: Local Government Review Special Section [Dec 2016], [PDF]

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Quick Overview
LGR: Local Government Review is a special section of Public Management (PM) magazine that presents key research findings and expert insights about local government issues and trends. ...
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This special section includes these 7 articles:

Leading Resilient Communities in a Changing Environment, by Robert J. O’Neill Jr.
Appointed manager are stewards of important democratic processes, but results matter, and local
government leaders must give equal consideration to these two leadership goals.

Sustainability and Local Governments: Planning Helps Balance Environmental, Economic, and Social Equity Priorities, by George C. Homsy, Mildred E. Warner, and Lu Liao
ICMA’s sustainability survey indicates that many local governments now recognize the important role
that environmental protection plays in establishing a foundation for both short- and long-term economic development.

Tackling the Housing Affordability Crisis: The Critical Role of Local Government Leadership, by Jelani Newton
Local governments play a critical role in assessing the specific housing needs of the communities they
serve, then developing and implementing customized strategies to effectively meet those needs.
Innovation Loves a Good Challenge: 2016 Case Studies from the Alliance for Innovation, by Karen Thorenson
Check out how six local governments innovatively approached challenges that your community may be
experiencing as well. These featured mini-case studies showcase solutions in communities with populations ranging from 62,112 to 912,791 and in locales across the United States and in Canada. The common thread is that these local
governments demonstrated leadership, changed their approach, set high goals, collaborated with others, and measured their results. In each instance, they made a difference.
Food for Thought: How and Why Local Governments Support Local Food Systems, by Laura Goddeeris
The results of the 2015 Food Systems Survey affirm that local food systems provide fertile ground for
local government innovation, regardless of community size, geography, or other community characteristics.
Supreme Court Review for Local Governments, by Lisa Soronen
Last term the Supreme Court decided six “big” cases, five of which had an impact on local
governments. The court also decided a number of “bread and butter” issues—qualified immunity, Fourth Amendment searches, and public employment—affecting local government. Read the case summaries and takeaways for local government.
Why Local Governments Are Talking about Millennials, by Elizabeth Kellar
Learn why paying attention to Millennials and demographic shifts in the working population is important.
Survey data reveal what younger workers want, with the two most important factors being the ability to achieve professional goals and making a contribution to society. It’s up to local governments to examine their current
demographics, talent gaps, and development needs and craft a succession plan that helps their organizations be better prepared for the changes ahead.


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