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Ethics Matter! Advice for Public Managers, [PDF]

Ethics Matter! Advice for Public Managers, [PDF]

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A collection of the best ethics columns from "Public Management (PM)" magazine, providing advice to help public manager stay out of personal and professional trouble. ...
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ISBN: 978-0-87326-433-4
Year published: 2018
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At the heart of the local government management profession is the ICMA Code of Ethics, adopted in 1924. By upholding the principles set forth in the Code, ICMA members build the public’s trust in local government, as well as the trust of their staffs and elected officials. This book presents a collection of columns from Ethics Matter!—a feature that appears in each issue of ICMA’s Public Management (PM) magazine. Written by Martha Perego and Kevin Duggan, these columns provide practical advice to help public managers make ethical choices for themselves and instill an ethical culture in their organizations. The advice in this book will help you: • Conduct yourself ethically as you explore, negotiate, and begin a new position • Keep yourself and your organization out of ethics trouble by recognizing the danger signs and taking preventive action • Manage an ethical crisis as transparently as possible and in a way that preserves trust in your personal integrity and that of the organization • Provide ethical leadership through your personal conduct and your expectations for conduct by everyone in the organization • Navigate challenges posed by elected officials who inadvertently or deliberately wander into territory reserved by law for the manager • Exercise common sense and avoid careless mistakes that can have embarrassing if not legal consequences.

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