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LGR: Local Government Review Special Section [June 2017], [PDF]

LGR: Local Government Review Special Section [June 2017], [PDF]

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Quick Overview
LGR: Local Government Review is a special section of Public Management (PM) magazine that presents key research findings and expert insights about local government issues and trends. ...
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Two articles comprise this LGR: Local Government Review June 2017 special section:
“Citizen Engagement Tools, Goals, and Successes,” by Rick Morse and Rob Carty. By taking a first look at data from the ICMA Innovations and Emerging Practices in Local Government Survey 2016, the authors address such issues as the manager’s role in bringing about community engagement and what combination of strategies and tools will produce meaningful engagement.
The authors find that town hall meetings and city-appointed committee assignments are the engagement tools the survey respondents used more frequently. Social media, citizen surveys, and town hall meetings are the tools respondents rated as most successful.
This article sheds light on what CAOs can do to begin initiating community engagement or enhancing what they
already have in place.
“Re-Structured for Economic Success—Lessons fromThree Communities in Strategic Change,” by Ann Mahoney and Jelani Newton. In this article the authors interview three respondents of the ICMA Innovations and Emerging Practices in Local Government Survey 2016, to learn about their significant organizational changes related to economic development.
These three distinct stories demonstrate how innovative thinking and organizational change are firmly linked:
  • Building capacity by adding a new economic development manager position
  • Creating a joint city-county office—the Office of Economic Vitality
  • Establishing a stand-alone economic development department that includes community development and sustainability.

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